Saturday, 28 August 2010

Wonderful Buildings from Chester

On day 4 of our hols, we visited Chester and there are some wonderful buildings there. So here is a selection of our favourite, maybe they will inspire you too :0)

The detail on this building was amazing;

Oops, one from Shrewsbury sneaked in!

Below is my favourite of all, this would be perfect as a Santa's Grotto Shop, without the Whiskey and Liquors of course!!!

I hope you have all enjoyed our holiday snaps and that some of you may be inspired by some of our pics for your miniature projects. Thankyou for popping over and sharing our holidays snaps :0)

 Julia xxx


  1. Lovely buildings, I have never been there! It's funny I thought I seen a lot of the UK but looking at my friends photos of holidays and days out makes me realise there are so many places I haven't been too! Thank you for sharing your photos

  2. Julia, these could be our holiday photos! We've obviously been looking and visiting the same places. Lots of lovely buildings to see. Thanks for sharing yours.

  3. Hi Kat,
    Its been lovely to share, I'm glad you all enjoyed my pics :0)

    Hi Irene, what's that saying?? Great miniaturists think alike!! lol Where are we going next year? I was thinking the Cotswolds, I've heard there are some fabalous buildings there! ;0)

    Julia xxx

  4. What gorgeous buildings, Julia -- thanks so much for posting the photos! (I actually think that Father Christmas would appreciate having a whiskey outlet right downstairs ... :)

  5. Julia, it's like going back one year and being there again.We all loved Chester, we slept in the cosiest and most charming B&B and strolled along the main road with the historical buildings. Truly lovely, thank you for the nice memories, Rosanna

  6. Fabulous buildings Julia, LOTS of inspiration (I've redone my Gothic door frames as your other photo's jogged my memory to do something to them)! I only whisked through Shrewsbury when I was there and I've never got to Chester.

    The Cotswold's are spectacular, my Granny Pumpernickle's house wiil be in that style. ;o)

    Michelle xxx

  7. LOL, I think Father Christmas would enjoy a whiskey outlet downstairs too, just don't tell the children! ;0)

    It is a lovely place Rosanna, I'm glad it brought back lovely memories of a wonderful holiday for you too. We loved the way the historical shops have two rows, one above the other :0)

    I'm so glad our pics jogged some inspiration for you, Michelle. I will look out for your redone gothic door frames on your blog :0) If you ever get the opportunity again, go to Chester, the buildings are fabalous, you would love them.
    Julia xxxx

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  9. Go to Burford in the Cotswolds it's where my parents live the buildings are beautiful!


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