Monday, 5 July 2010

The postman has been :0)

Being unwell is the perfect excuse to do a little internet shopping and the first of my super buys has started to arrive. Here is a fabulous handmade sewing table from fellow blogger Angela at A Trifle Small It is beautiful and opens to reveal...

And inside there is a deep little hidey hole...

It really is lovely and I can't wait to start filling it with little buttons and braids. I also have some tiny silver cotton reels which I bought a couple of years ago and have been waiting for that special home :0)

This is all the furniture I have for Gertie's cottage. I bought the great sage green, flower dresser from Ebay and of course there is the large cupboard I bought in Miniatura back in March, which I have stained and aged but not dressed yet! Then theres the little corner table and a kitchen table waiting to have some magic worked on it, when I have the energy!!! Hywel has promised to make me a dirty sink unit to go next to the kitchen table! He has already turned a wooden bowl for it, but I can't find it.. oops!

After an unofficial vote on the cottage name, you all agreed that you liked Dragon's Hollow better than Owl Cottage, so that is now the new name for Gertie's Cottage :0) Anybody want to buy an Owl Cottage name Sampler?!! I'll have to stitch a dragon one now!! ;0)

Hope your all having a great day,
Julia xxx


  1. Julia you have some wonderful furniture going into the cottage! Retail therapy sounds so good to me! I think Maybe My Gertrude could give your sampler a home, after all her cottage dosnt have a name yet ( it cant be called Kates cottage as the Emporium named it, not witchy enough!)so this would be ideal. Will go beautifully with other bits yet to come!! Let me know. Love Kate xx

  2. That's a lovely piece - beautifully made. It'll be fun filling it up.

  3. Beautiful furniture! Lucky you Julia, my post-office has lost two of my parcels lately :(

  4. Thanks Kate, I will send you an email xxxx

  5. A wonderful piece ! well worth waiting for it!

  6. The sewing desk is exquisite!

  7. Lovely pieces Julia, the sewing box is really beautiful ,it will be so nice filling it up.
    julie xxx

  8. I love the sewing box its wonderful! You will have lots of fun filling it Julia, just the thing to bring a smile to your face! :o))

    I prefer the new name too! :o))

    Michelle xx

  9. That sewing desk is fabulous, I was looking at it but decided that it would have better home with someone and now it really has :) I love the staining you've done with the cabinet :)

  10. A beautiful piece Julia. These new for sale pages in Blogland are great aren't they.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  11. Hi Julia. Just wanted to say thankyou so much for the helpful email to my mum concerning my project!! It is very useful!

    I see you bought the table from Angela!! It is very cute and goes really well with the rest of your furniture!

    Emily x x

  12. Your very welcome, Emily. I hope you have great fun with your mini project. I will enjoy following its progress on your new blog :0)
    Julia xx


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