Friday, 9 July 2010

Just me and the dog today!

It was just me and the dog at home today, aah, bliss... I mean it was very quiet, lol ;0)
I was supposed to get on with that huge pile of ironing in the cupboard, well if I don't do it soon, I' ll have to leave the door open, fighting with clothes pile whilst jamming the door shut just won't do it anymore! Anyway, health wise, I am having a fairly good day today, fingers crossed the medication which I will now be on for life is starting to work, so whilst walking to the darned ironing cupboard, I just happened to stop at my boxes of goodies for Gertie's cottage ;0) They were just begging to be sorted out, so that's what I have done this afternoon and the dog? Well, Maisey has sat on her big fluffy cushion watching me :0)

So, this is just part of my little lot to be sorted!! If you click on the pic, it will pop it bigger.

I had a great time sorting them into boxes of who made them and photographing them all to go on my Gertie's Swap and purchases page with their makers links. I also had a little time to start dressing Gertie's porch but I'll show you that another day... I forgot to take a pic!!

And... the postman brought some mail...

I have always wanted something from Lory's acorn range and have often been out bid on Ebay, so when I saw this tea set and flower cupcakes in Lory's Etsy store I grabbed it quick. It's lovely and will be great in Gertie's cottage :0) I think I will find a little plate for the cupcakes and put some fruit in the cake stand!

Well, that's my day done, so from me and the dog,
Goodnight, I'll be back with porch pics in a few days :0)

Julia xxx


  1. Hope the medicine will work well for you:) The dog is so cute! The minies are great!:)

  2. Oh, what a treasures you have there, I really can't wait to see the cottage come together, I love it :) And Lory's minies are wonderful!

    I've been thinking that I won't have any dolls in my houses, but I totally love Gertie - now I'm wondering if I should have a sleeping witch in my house instead of a dissappeared one :D

    And great to hear that you're feeling better :) And I also love those days when I'm alone at home only with the dogs :)

  3. What a lovely collection of minis for Gertie!!
    And sweet acorn minis!
    Sooooo much better for your health than ironing!!
    xxx Glenda

  4. How lovely day just to play without anyone to intrude...the best of times, enjoy while you can!

  5. Hi Julia,

    Well I'm glad that the pills are starting to work! :o))

    I love Lory's mini's they are amazing and I am so glad that you managed to grab some! The tea set is divine and I love it! Loty's work goes for very high prices on Ebay and I think it's because she has about 3 collectors who will pay any price!

    Will email soon!
    Michelle xxx

  6. Thankyou all :0) I have had a nice day, alone with Maisey the dog! And yes, minis are much better for my health than ironing lol
    Julia xxxx

  7. PS, I forgot to say, if you pop over to my Gertie's swaps, purchases and links page, the link for Lory's Etsy is there under the pic of the acorn tea set, no high bidders there, just click and buy!

  8. What a great selection of goodies Julia, hoping to have mine to add to that list really soon, working away lol!I have just bough tsome things from Lory too for Lolas house and she cant wait for the postman to arrive with them. all especially made for her! I have several pieces from Lory but all Etsy buys, cant even get close on ebay!! Glad you had a relaxing day, love ones like that myself but rarely do I get them! Kate xx

  9. What a lot of great witchy items you have, I love Lory's work too but like you I usually miss out on bidding ha ha!

  10. Wow, you've got loads of great witchy bits!! Can't wait to see the porch too!
    Thankyou very much much for the things you sent me! They're lovely!! The fabric's great and the moss and bowl will be great for my tables and shelves! Haven't decided what to do with the bones and skulls yet, maybe i'll hang them up in the room somewhere when it's up!
    Lola loves the bits you sent her too!!
    Emily x x


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