Friday, 2 July 2010

Getting lots done

The news at the hospital wasn't particularly good yesterday, so I decided this morning that I can either sit and feel sorry myself or pick myself up and get on with it the best I can! So... without further ado, I got on with it :0) I have had a wonderfully busy morning and have managed to put the paths down around the cottage and I have painted and mossed the roof. I will do a proper Gertie post for the roof over the weekend or monday. I am waiting for the moss to dry and then I can put the roof in place and see how it looks. Hywel has to make me a little bridge to go over the murky stream, he'll be pleased, more jobs for him! ;0)

I'm also thinking about changing the name of the cottage from Owl Cottage to Dragon's Hollow. What do you think? The cottage is designed to look as if it is nestled deep in a forest and there will be a fare few dragons living with Gertie, I think the name may suit it!?!

On the Etsy front, because I am not well I am going to take the rest of the summer off from mini making for my Etsy store. I have a little summer sale on at the moment, but once items are gone, I won't be re-stocking. Hopefully, by the autumn, things will of improved and I will be able to concentrate on some lovely new sampler designs and furniture. It will be nice to just concentrate on Gertie's cottage for the summer and of course I am still going to be making bits and bobs for my summer swaps. I think for August's swap I will make some 'normal' minis and not witch related items. If there is anything you'd like to be included in my swaps, please let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Off to check the glue now ;0)

Julia xxx


  1. I hope everything is okay with you and you get to feeling better. I love owls but I really like Dragon Hollow for the name of the cottage. Great idea! Your owl pillows are wonderful and I think it would be fun to do a swap sometime but I am new to minis and need to get some under my belt first. Don't really know what to offer yet. Enjoy the summer working on Gertie's cottage, I'll be watching what you come up with! I really love what you have done so far!


  2. Dear Julia:

    I'm so sorry to hear that news wasn't better and that you're feeling lousy. I love the work you've done on the cottage -- the paths look super and I love the roof. I also love the name Dragon Hollow :)

    I would love to participate in a swap, for any of your needlework, any time, if there was something I could make for you :)

  3. Thankyou both, I like Dragon's Hollow too :0)
    It would be lovely to do a swap with you both in the future :0) Thankyou also for your well wishes.
    Julia xxx

  4. Julia I'm sorry the news wasn't good, but keeping yourself busy with Gertie's Cottage will help keep your mind focused on that. ;o))

    I love the grass! Hmm very effective. My Witch's Cottage is set deep in the woods and her house has masses of moss etc everywhere! lol

    Do take care and will work now till Wednesday.:o)

    Michelle xxx

  5. Sorry to hear about your health, now the most important thing is that you relax and concentrate on yourself and do things that you want :)

    And the cottage is just so beautiful, I love the landscaping and envy you having a hub who does things for minies - mine could care less :D

    And I love the Dragon Hollow, it's wonderfully mystic :)

  6. Julia I am sorry to hear that you havent had good news and your poorly xxx Always at the end of an email if you feel you need a chat etc. Take care and concentrate on all the things that give you pleasure and less stress. If your gut feeling is Dragon Hollow then go for it.

    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxxxxxxxx

  7. I hope you start to feel better soon. The work on your cottage is lovely, I really like the effect on the roof and the name sounds very fitting.

  8. Julia, my very best wishes are with you that your health improves, and soon if possible.

    Dragon's Hollow is a brilliant name!

  9. Hi Michele,
    The grass is mixed meadow scatter medium for train sets and its wonderfully fluffy. It also rolls up well with a smidge of glue on your fingertips to make little grassy mounds :0)
    Julia xxx

    Thankyou to everybody for your well wishes. I am hoping to have a relaxing, stress free summer whilst the docs get me well again xx

  10. Hi Julia, so sorry to hear youre not feeling well,wish the news had been better but I really hope you can have some stress free time while those docs do their stuff.
    The cottage is looking gorgeous and I love "Dragons Hollow", the perfect name !
    julie xxx

  11. I am so sorry to hear that you had bad news and I hope it all gets better from here on!
    The garden is looking wonderful and I love BOTH the names you are considering!! Sorry - I can't help you choose one!

  12. First, Hope everything works out for you over the summer! Some times you can be most productive when you're trying Not to think about other things:)

    Then I wanted to tell you that I love, love the stream under the house! Your grass Is amazing~ I'll have to look for the 'meadow' stuff! Love the name Dragon's Hollow! And love your Welsh Dragon!! (I grew up in Wales!! And miss it dearly!)

    And if you ever want to do a trade with me, just let me know....I always make extra stuff!
    Take care and take it easy!!


  13. With a relaxing summer, I really hope you'll be better soon. Take good care of yourself!

    The grass and everything else look so charming and well thought out, I look forward to seeing a lovely bridge over the little stream.


  14. Hi Debie,
    Thats lovely of you, thankyou and I hope your feeling better with your ankle.
    Julia xxx

  15. Hi Katie,
    We bought the meadow grassy stuff in Hobbeycraft, I wish I'd kept the label now with the exact name on it. The next time I go up, I will get the full name details. The stream is from an old project which we have recycled. We made the base of the stream from air drying clay making sure the sides were raised enough to hold the water. Then we glued in a bottom layer of thin sawdust shavings and little pebbles. Once that was dry, we 'filled' the stream with scenic water and I popped some frogs and fimo snakes in when Hywel wasn't looking!! When he did notice, the scenic water had dried around them and they got to stay lol.
    Wow, You used to live in Wales too, that s great, though I have always wanted to emigrate, it rains too much! ;0)
    Julia xxx

  16. Hi Julie,
    Thank you, the doc was great and really supportive, he said its nothing he can't sort, so thats posative and I'm looking forward to a summer of just playing with new mini ideas and cross stitch designs :0)
    Julia xxx

  17. Dear Julia, when you say youve been busy you really mean it, loads of work done! I love the look of the roof espacially. Gertie will be so pleased with it all! just hope you feel better through the summer so you can have the motivation to get on with even more as we can wait to see it! Kate xxx

  18. This cottage is looking great! And i love the name Dragons Hollow!!

    Thankyou for the link to witches corner. Just looked and it's brilliant...great for what i'm doing! The tiny mouse in the hole is adorable too!

    Emily x x

  19. Thankyou Emily :0)
    I bought the little mouse trying to squeeze his backside into the hole from a seller on Ebay.
    Julia xx

  20. Me encanta el cambio de nombre y la casita es una maravilla.
    El musgo del jardin te ha quedado genial.
    Espero que mejores pronto.
    besitos ascension


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