Thursday, 1 July 2010

Gertie's July's Swap :0)

So here we are again, the 1st of the month and time for Gertie's second swap!

When I announced that I would be running a swap on the first of every month throughout the summer, I didn't know that I would be unwell and having to go to hospital, so my intention of hand making everything for the swaps has gone a little awry this month, but I'm sure you'll love this months swap goodies all the same :0)

So without, further ado,  my swap will be for a fantastic little corner chair, with one of my owl cushions  (you all seem to love these) and because I live in Wales, I thought I'd pop a little welsh dragon in too :0)

 The chair is resin and although I don't normally have resin chairs in my projects, I make an exception for this one, it really is lovely. It is only little, measuring 5cms wide by 5cms deep by 7.5 Cm's high.

This month I am hoping to swap for some little goodies to put in Gertie's porch.So, if any of you have fallen in love with the cute little dragon and need a fab chair and owly cushion for a little corner, then I hope you will join me in the swap and leave a comment or send me an email :0)
Thanks for joining in the fun :0)
Julia xxx

PS. I forgot to say, I will leave the swap open untill Saturday 7pm.


  1. Julia I love this little dragon he is the cutest! I also have been lusting after one of your owl cushions, well so has Gertrude actually! Id love to be considered for your swap. You know I love to make books and spooky things so maybe some bookstacks for the wizard store, a mushroom book stack and mushroom open book for Gertie and Im into making cupcakes too now so maybe a plate of witchy ones for Gertie too! Love Kate xx

  2. The chair is lovely Julia. And oyu know I adore the dragons :-)

    I wish I had time to make things for a swap :-(

  3. LOL I LOVE the dragon, he's just fabulous!

    You do great swaps! I have taken the photo's of my swap with delayed with the post on my blog though as I've been having some treatment on my ears and it made me ill! :o( Will do a post either tonight of tomorrow.

    I hope all went well today, I was going to send you a email etc. alas everything went to pot! :o((

    Michelle xxx

  4. I love the dragon and the chair too...and cushion...I am not sure if there is something mini that you want it! Let me know...


  5. Thankyou to everyone who has raised a hand through comments or emails for the swap. For my July swap I would like to swap with Kate :0)
    Julia xx

    My next swap is August 1st xx


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