Friday, 14 May 2010

Gerties Little Industrious Cottage!!

Okay, I have played around with, messed up and re-done bits on my blog and I have finally made a decision on whether or not to begin a new blog for Gertie! Thanks to Debbie of I have discovered and added pages to my blog! Sooo, I have decided, now that I know how to use pages, I will run a blog within a blog, so to speak! Hope your with me so far, I'm confusing myself !!!  Right.....

Gertie's Little Industrious Cottage
Gertie is a hard working witch (a bit like me, if I listen to what Hywel calls me!!) In fact she is so hard working, you will only ever catch her sitting still when she is asleep, at all other times she is whizzing around and leaving a blur of frazzled expressions !_*_!  and potion ingredients behind her ;0) (Definitely me!!! lol)

Gertie' s Little Industrious Cottage is a new project which we will dip in and out of throughout the summer. Only snippets of Gertie's actual cottage will be shown until just before Halloween and then I will do a post for Halloween showing the whole cottage and garden in all its Pumpkin glory!  In the meantime, I will show the bits and pieces we make, such as the fireplace and sink and I will give links to places where I have bought items, such as  I am also hoping that fellow bloggers will join me in 'swaps' of things that I have made for something they have made, which can then go in the cottage.

The posts for Gertie's Little Industrious Cottage will always show the pic above of Gertie first and be headed 'Gertie's Little Industrious Cottage'. To see all of the posts in Gertie's story, I will add her to my labels gadget and I will add a page just for Gertie's Industrious makes!

I hope this all made sense!

Julia xxx


  1. Oh, I can hardly wait!! I adore pumpkins so I am thinking I am going to really love this project! How exciting!!!!

  2. Brilliant idea Julia...LOL
    You can also add, the link within gadget under each posting as well.. I'm going over to have a look at your new

  3. Ooooh, don't confuse me now, Debbie, it's taken me all day to get this far! lol ;0)

    I adore Pumpkins too, Kim. I have some which I have made and some from Nikki and I love them :0)

    Hi Lorraine,
    The aim of this one is for us all to have some input and fun, but I am going to keep you all guessing on what the finished cottage will look like! I'm also hoping that lots of people will get involved in the swaps, so the final 'reveal' will show pieces from fellow bloggers all over the world and the Gertie page will list everyone who got involved.

    Julia xxx

  4. Julia, just got back from Kensington, Lola and I had a FAB time and just to let you know Nikki is doing a roaring trade, just couldnt get close to her stall for ages, she was mobbed and has done superbly on her first day!! Saw Julie and Jain and got goodies from them too which Ill show off soon, and I had to stop myself from buying another witch from Jain. Jain had a whole table of witches, and one really took my eye but I didnt have a setting for it and as you know have so many to finish Ill have to hold back until some are finished before starting another! Cant wait to see what you do for Gertie though. I love pumpkins too! Im up for swaps. Im into books big time at the moment.SO if you need any bookstacks or books Id love to do a swap for something. Maybe i could make some pumpkin themed ones for Gertie? Great idea on the blog pages, think Ill give it a go if I can work it all out! I have to get on with the Alice project now as I has a new addition for it and its simply stunnning!! So sorry we didnt see you, it was such fun to meet up with another 6 blogging friends today, all such wonderful ladies!Would love to do it again with more of us! Kate

  5. Julia- I have to highjack your comments for a second and say thank you to Kate for all the info on the show- I am just so pleased to hear that Nikki is doing so well-I've been thinking of her :) I also wanted to add that I would love to trade too- if there happens to be anything I could make for your new adventure ♥

    Sorry about the highjack!

  6. Hi Kate,
    So pleased that you had a great time :0) We will have to try and organise something for the xmas KDF. I knew Nikki's table would be mobbed, if I had managed to go, it would of been Nikki's, Jain's and Julie's tables that I would of made a beeline for!!

    Pumpkin books sound fab, I will have to make a start on making swaps, anything in particular that you would like to see in one of my swaps?

    Have great fun with your Alice project to night, Please pop some pics as soon as you can, I can't wait to see your buys :0)

    Julia xxx

  7. Your welcome Kim, I don't mind being hijacked ;0)

    Right, I'm off to stitch some owls for part of my first trade/swap :0)

  8. Brilliant solution :) I look forward to the hints and the full reveal in October!

  9. Hi Julia, I smile every time I see your Gertie, she is such fun.
    Also just returned from Kensington but wanted to say I am up for swaps too, perhaps I can offer some mandrakes and potted plants? Or potion bottles?
    Off now to look at the rest of your site.

  10. Hi Julie,

    I love the extra pages for Gertie! I got home from KDF at 8.00pm after leaving at 17.30, I AM shattered! lol I can second Kates words on Nikki's stand you just couldn't get in to even see and Kate and I arrived at opening time (although I have a few problmes finding the entrance! lol).

    The word is Kensington at Christmas is jammed packed (today was fine, like most other faris) as it's only over one day. ;o( Best go in May.

    Will post photo's when I'm recovered! ;o))

    Michelle xxx

  11. Hi Janice,
    Gertie always makes me smile too, which is why when I saw her at Miniatura, all my plans to but a wizard went out the window and I went dashing off to find a cashpoint, shouting to Jain 'don't sell that witch, I will be back' lol.

    Glad you had a lovely time in Kensington, can't wait to see your wonderful purchases on your blog, I so wish I could of gone too.

    Julia xx

  12. Hi Michele,
    Thrilled you had a grewat time. Can't wait to see all these pics ;0)
    Hugs, julia xxx

  13. Hi Julia, We are back safe and sound from Kensington. Nikkis table was indeed fabulous, as we knew it would be. Lovely to see Gertie has her own page, thank you. Will see you soon,I hope. Jainxx


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