Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Happy Birthday Dean :0)

Happy 14th Birthday Dean :0)
I just wanted to wish our wonderful son a happy birthday for tomorrow. He will be so embarrassed when he sees this photo, hee hee!  As you can see from the blurr, he is very camera shy and won't sit still!! I was lucky to catch this ;0) Dean is fab at drawing, so I have taken a pic of something he has drawn, he is very 'into' drawing wizards and Manga.

Isn't it fab, I just need to get him to draw in 1;12th scale now!! lol He's also very good at making his old mum a cup of tea!!

~~ NEWS ~~
Kate has asked me to finally say what my new project is going to definately be.... so here goes... My new project is 'Gertie's Little Industrious Cottage'! I am playing with the idea of starting a seperate blog for it, as I want to use it purely for my miniatures and general ramblings and not for my Etsy store items. I also want to use it to catalogue my purchases from other makers and have links to their sites/Etsy shops so that others can quickly find them if they want. I also want to put tutorials on, whilst we make the cottage, showing only parts and then 'reveal' the finished cottage in the late autumn ready for Halloween and to show off my wonderful pumpkins from Nikki which will feature greatly in the finished project!     Phew, take a breath!!   So, as you can see, I have so many ideas it may just be too much to add this blog. Any thoughts on the idea of a new blog? or should I just pop the posts on my blog and add labels?? Any thoughts greatly appreciated. Thankyou Talluah Belle for your support for a new blog.

Right, off to buy birthday cake now, it's nearly school home time!

Julia xxxx


  1. First of Wishing Dean a very Happy 14th Birthday for tomorrow. I hope you have a wonderful day..x

    Julia, do you know that you can now put up to 10 pages on your blog. If you want to see what I mean have a look at my other blog:-
    I'm gradually adding my projects on there and all the millions of pictures I take. I can email you on how to do it if you want to go down that Road. The page titles are along the top of the main blog page.
    Your new project sounds wonderful and I for one am really looking forward to seeing it all come together. xxxx

  2. Happy Birthday to Dean!!!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday and WOW what a fantastic artist! That picture is amazing, how clever! Our son loves Manga drawing too , you can get some great art books Julia on drawing Manga figures. We bought Jake one for his 14th, and it has all mystical figures, their weapons, outfits etc. Dean would love it!
    Thankyou thankyou for letting us into your secret, Im such a bully arnt I, but Im too impatiant and can never wait ha ha!

    I think Debbies idea is great and Ill definatly be going along those lines If I can figure it out as I have too many projects and I think people get confused when I do a little bit here on one, then a little bit here on another! I was going to set up another for my Alice project but now this seems an even better idea thanks Debbie. look forward to seeing it all evolve as your creations are always so great! Still wishing we could see you Friday :-( Love Kate xxxx

  4. Happy Birthday, to Dean. :)

    He is very talented. :)

  5. I am very intrigued by the new project and look forward to seeing its development.

  6. Hi Debbie,
    I went and had a look at your other site, it's great :0) I will defanitely look at adding pages first.
    Julia xxx

  7. Hi Kate,
    I know the Manga books, we have got a few for Dean. When he first showed me his drawings, I thought he'd traced it and made him redo it lol. He wants to be a cartoonist and live in LA when he is all grown up :0)

    Your not a bully, lol and I can be inpatient too ;0) I agree, Debbie's idea is great and I will have a play around and see what it will look like and how easy it will be to do and use. I agree with you in thinking people get confused with bits of one project and then bits of another, which was why I was thinking of starting a new one. I've noticed a few fellow bloggers have different blogs for different houses/projects.
    Watch this space to see how I get on lol
    Julia xxx

  8. Happy Birthday Dean!! That a great drawing too! ;o)

    I think it's a great idea Julia and I will definitely be a follower whatever you decide to do! I have trouble doing one blog let alone anymore! lol :o))

    Michelle xxx

  9. Happy birthday Dean. A true artist in the pipeline there...that is fantastic for his age.

    My Son is in college doing art now but he is into Manga as well ...and he wants to be a cartoonist and come live in LA when he is done funny.

    Now as for the other blog...duh pages. Why didn't I think of that. Especially as I've just added pages on to my blog. I am so blonde sometimes lol.

    If you hop over to my blog and look just under my header you'll see links to 2 galleries I created. Thsi way they are all on the same blog so it is easier to keep track off but I can have everything together in one place.

    That idea would work as an exclusive area for Gertie and might be easier than running 2 blogs. The pages are just the same and people can leave comments etc.

  10. Happy birthday to Dean!!

  11. Happy birthday to Dean :) And he sure knows how to draw :)

  12. Another "Happy Birthday Dean!" to the pile :)

    Where ever you decide to put it, can't wait to see it!

  13. Thankyou everybody for your Happy Birthday wishes to Dean :0) He was thrilled with all the attention from all over the world. Although he did say I could of tried harder to find a nicer photo !lol
    Julia xxx


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