Saturday, 22 May 2010

Gertie shopping!

 As some of you know from my jumbled emails, I haven't been very well this week, so I apologise for the slow start to Gertie's posts, I just haven't felt well enough to do anything! But, I have had a couple of parcels through the post, so I thought you might like to see them.

This is everything in one go, there job done, back to the sofa now to feel poorly again!! Ok ok, sorry, I will show you properly! I'm going abit stir crazy being stuck in the house for the last week!

My first buy was this great little wooden shelf and loads of potion bottles from Midnight at  I love the way Midnight has made the bottle tops, they will be great in Gertie's potion cabinet.
Next, I bought some little black kettles from Ebay, they will be great for sitting on Gertie's mantelpiece!

Then there were some lovely dishes, two owls and some fruit from... sorry I can't remember who, but they are on Ebay! But my best bits are the wood turnings :0) I bought these at a local craft fair a couple of weeks ago. The maker was a lovely old gent who was practically giving these beauties away, the little wooden plates were only 30p each! He had a little tupperware pot on his table, full of bits he had made out of his off-cuts, perfect minis!  I think the green crockery and the wood turnings go together very well to make up Gertie's potions and dinner plates! And finally, a question!! I bought the lovely dressed settle from a lady on Ebay who had decided not to continue with the hobby and was selling off her bits and pieces. She told me she had bought the settle from a Dolls House Fair. It is beautifully made and has the initials CS on the back, does anybody happen to know who the maker is? I would love to know :0)  

Well, that's me for today, I really am going back to my settee now :0(

Julia XXX


  1. What treasures!! Finding the turned wood must have been happy-making!
    Love it all - thanks for sharing the pics!
    I do hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. Julie I've got a feeling that the Settle was made by Carol Smith.
    and this is her Etsy Shop:-

    Love your Wood Turnings and what a bargain. Bet you cleared him out.
    Hope your soon be feeling better xxxx

  3. Hi Glenda and Debbie,
    The wood turnings were a fabalous find and I was really tempted to buy the lot with his bargain prices, but I left some for others ;0)

    I agree Debbie, I was thinking Carol and I know she follows my blog, I was thinking she may recoganise it, I will have to pop over and leave her a comment.

    Thanks for the get well wishes, it's looking like coeliac disease, which would also explain my chronic aneamia, just waiting for blood test results to confirm :0(

    Hope your feeling better, Debbie
    Julia xxx

  4. Hi Julia some really fab buys here, isn't it lovely to find a real treasure as well as a bargain.
    Hope this week brings you better health.

  5. Hello Julia, hope youre feeling better soon.
    Love those wood turnings and I think it is a Carol Smith settle too.
    Now to go check out your new pages !
    take care
    julie xxxx

  6. Hi Julia,
    Hope you're feeling better now. Wonderful treasures for Gertie, she will be very happy!! Love Jainxx

  7. Fabulous new mini's Julia! I love the wooden bowl and kettles! :o)) I know the Ebay seller you mean for the fruit and green vase (I have bought that stuff from her myself). ;o)

    I have emailed you, hope the Doctor sorts you out soon! Hang in there!

    Michelle xxx


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