Monday, 24 May 2010

Gerties Little Industrious Cottage ~ Want a peek inside? ;0)

When Gertie gets up in the morning, she doesn't have far to go to work, just through the old oak double doors into her greenhouse, where she grows all her potion ingredients!!

Here is a little peek into Gertie's cottage....
As I am not well at the moment, Gertie's cottage has stood untouched for 2 weeks, so last night Hywel decided to make a start on the cottage to cheer me up :0) This is a view through one of the front windows, showing the double doors into Gertie's greenhouse. If you look carefully, through the doors and through the back window, you can just see the beginnings of a tree in Gertie's garden!  

Above the doors, Hywel has made a mezzanine floor, showing the underneath of the floorboards and the beams holding the floor up. Sorry, I didn't get to take pics of the floor being made to show, but Hywel cut a piece of plywood to size and then 'scored' the lines of the floorboards with a ruler, a saw and then a craft knife. The beams were then cut and he 'notched' the edges with the craft knife. After a coat of wood stain, he glued them all in place and wallah, they look ok ;0)

This is the view from the greenhouse into the cottage. I still have to decide on how I want the wall in here and there is lots of greenhouse staging to be made! At the far end of the greenhouse is the chunky oak fireplace Hywel made. When the inside has been blackened and the hearth is in, I will do a post on how Hywel made the corner fireplace and oak surround.

Hope you like it so far :0)
Julia xxx


  1. It's looking great! :)

    Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. :(
    Get better soon!

  2. Ooooh dont just like it I love it!! Lucky Gertie what a beautiful home she will have. Get well soon Julia, thinking of you. Hope you got my reply to your kind email, my emails are all up the creek at the mo and lots are going astray! Love Kate xx

  3. Thanks Kate :0) I just sent you an email, hope it gets through ok.
    Julia xxx

  4. OMG This is absolutely fabulous great work i love it all

  5. This is so satisfying - such a beautifully designed and made interior, and the photos are brilliant, too! Hywel is a real treasure!!
    Lucky Gertie, isn't she sweet, dozing there?

    Loooove the doors!! and the floor . . . and the windows . . . and . . . and . . .

  6. I love all the different shapes of this house. I especially like the tiled floor, it looks so authentic

  7. It looks fab! I love the bog arched door, very nice and very different too!

    I can't wait to see more, but so kind of Hywel to do some work for you Julia. :o))

    Bestest wishes to get well soon!
    Michelle xxxx

  8. Julia, sorry to hear your still under the weather. I've been at the Doc's again myself today. Hope your soon be feeling better.
    Hywel's made a lovely job of the Cottage. Really enjoying reading about how Gertie's place is coming

  9. Hope you will feel better soon! The cottage is looking good!

  10. Hi to everyone,
    Thanks for all your lovely comments, Hywel will be very happy :0) I'm not well and leave him alone to do the cottage and he does a fab job without my input!Me.. not happy!! lol ;)

    Thankyou all for your Get well wishes, I have a couple of weeks to wait for my test results, but the docs have started me on a wheat free diet whilst I wait, so fingers crossed it will work and I will be back telling Hywel how I want things done in Gertie's cottage before he knows it! :0)

    Hugs to all, Julia xx

  11. It looks fabulous, I really can't wait to see it coming together :) And I love Gertie, she's so fab!

  12. Your cottage is looking great and thanks for filling us in on how Hywel goes about creating all these details. Hope you'll be feeling better soon

    Big hug


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