Friday, 16 April 2010

A Vine for Mandrake House

Well, my boring household all scuppered off to bed early last night, so I had the house to myself. Sooo, I made a vine for the back wall of Mandrake House....

Then I finished off my water feature, if you could call it that.. it's full of bits of leaves.... and dirty.... oh... and yes, the lion's not spurting water anymore... he's dribbling.... bit like me really when I get overtired and fall asleep on Hywel's shoulder... eek... he always shouts at me for that.. spoilsport!!! lol

Then I made a pot of Pondscum with the left over scenic water, well, it would of been a shame to waste it! And then I tidied up and toddled off to bed myself, job done :0)

Hope you all have a great day,

Julia xxx



  1. Your Vine Looks great Julia and the Fountain. I did laugh at the image of you dribbling on Hywel's shoulder.. x

  2. Ha Ha...Can you tell I'm tired this morning!!! I am letting my little secrets out lol, lol :0)

  3. The vine is lovely I need to make one for the Mill so I need lots of ideas before I begin to make one
    Just luv your little fountain

  4. Amazing what you can do with some peace and quiet isnt it! Looks fab and love the fountain too and pond scum! Roll on Monday and i can start on my projects again woohoo! Kate xx

  5. The vine and water feature are lovely, and the pond scum looks fab - really vile!! :)
    I can't believe how much you got done in one evening! I'm sure if it had been me (not that I am talented enough to make any of those things lol) if would have taken me weeks!

  6. Fantastic and so much on one night. I also love your furniture in that room and the worktops on the tables are so nice
    Nikki xxx.

  7. Hi Deni,
    I used stem wire guage 20 to make the vine and I found it keeps its shape much better than florists wire and when its covered with florist tape, all the wire twists look like old nodules on the trunk. Have fun making yours :0)
    Julia xx

  8. Hi Kate,
    I needed that peace and quiet last night. Little Meg hasn't stopped rabbiting on for days! It's great that she has so much to say, but boy, she's relentless, she even talks in her sleep! xxx

    Hi Emma,
    I have to admit that I had started the lion a few weeks ago, so it was just finishing him off and I have a stash of labels ready made, so last night was just finishing things off and making the vine really, which is how I managed to get so much done :0)xxx

    Hi Nikki,
    Hywel made the furniture for me and the table tops are made from the Apple Wood from our garden. I am nagging him to make more for Etsy :0)At the moment though, he is working on No 3 Ivy Cottages, so I can't get any sense out of him lol
    Julia xxx

  9. LMAO at you dribbling :-)

    The vine is fab and I love the idea of the pond slime bottled.

  10. It's lovely and those tables are wonderful...

    Can't get any sense out of him....hmmm dribble on him that will shake him to make some fab tables for Etsy! lol ;o) I thought that comment of yours was very funny! lol :o)

    I bought 20 gauge for the climber in my conservatory, at least I know now it's a better size than florist wire! :o) I love the bare shrub in th pot, I'd like to make one like it!

    Michelle xxx

  11. thank you for the tips Julia
    Now if I can get myself away from this puter I will have a try at that!!!

  12. I left you an award over on my site.

  13. Hehe pondscum is awesome XD xx


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