Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Thankyou Glenda

A couple of weeks ago, I entered a giveaway by Glenda from http://www.peppercornminis.blogspot.com/ and I was really pleased to be one of her winners. My parcel arrived this morning and the baskets and tray are wonderful, thankyou Glenda :0) They are going to take pride of place in 'Woolembees' my little shop on my dresser, where I have all my favourite little pieces. Glenda has her own little Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/undancey where she sells her little baskets, potion bottles, rush mats and rugs. They are wonderful, you can pop on over by clicking on the above link.

I am going to sew a little tray cloth for the tray, its fab :0)

Finally, Glenda's mum has not been well lately, so can I use this opprtunity to send a get well soon to Glenda's mum and a big hug to Glenda. Hope everything will be better quickly :0)

Julia xxx


  1. Julia aren't those little Baskets beautifully made. Yours look lovely in your shop. Glenda is a really lovely lady. I hope her Mum is getting on OK. xxx

  2. Das sind aber sehr hübsche Geschenke.... besonders das Tablett gefällt mir.

    Liebe Grüße PuNo/Monika

  3. Glenda's work is truly wonderful isn't it! I have two of her little bags and a rush mat, and they are superbly made! Such a lucky ole thing to win them! :o)) Mine arrived on Saturday, they were lucky to make it over now with the no fly zone in place. :o(

    Michelle xx

  4. Well done Mum - pretty baskets & the scruffy dog is super duper adorable xx

  5. I just got two rush mats from Glenda -- they're superb. I adore the little tray, and can't wait to see the cloth you make for it!


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