Thursday, 15 April 2010

Up my Street!

In a dark, dark corner of my bedroom... is a street!! :0) For anyone wondering what has happened to my other houses now that I have revamped the ground floor of my real life house... here they are! My wonderful, but very large Victorian Villa has re-located from the dining room to the understairs cupboard and the houses from there,  had to move to make some room, so they have gone upstairs in a little corner above the wardrobes.  The Wotnot Shop is finished and I will only work on the Little Abbey when it comes down for Christmas, so our Olde Post Office had to be in easy reach for me to finish. 

This is the view looking in upstairs, it isn't lit, so sorry for the poor pic quality! I am going to leave the upstairs alone, as it is mainly done, but the post office is all ready for me to start dressing.
We made the the post office some years ago and it is extremely heavy, because the floor has real ceramic tiles. They went down really well and surprisingly stuck with just PVA glue! I have an idea to build shelveing units around the post office counter and either have a sewing shop or a grocers in the post office?

This is my inspiration... it is a shop which has been re-built to size and is in St Fagans, the Museum Of Welsh Life. There, they take down old buildings brick by brick and re-build them in the museum grounds. I love this place and visit at least twice a year, even though its quite a long drive from us.
Welcome To More New Followers, It's lovely to have you here and I hope you will enjoy my mini mutterings :0)

Well, I am off to clean, wash, cook, etc now... all the boring bits :0(
Back tomorrow,

Julia xxx


  1. Julia I think you need a caravan like mine. Then you could have a mini village in there..LOL

  2. I would love a caravan like yours Debbie :0) You know I am green with envy everytime you mention it! lol ;0)
    Julia xxx

  3. This will be great! I may have to move mine in my collection (if I want to expand) to my greenhouse (it's like a small summer house). :o(

    I'm sure you are looking forward to be able to go back to mini making again Monday?! :o))

  4. Unsure if my comment went here I am again! lol

    You are so lucky to have a least a 'spot' to move your houses and shops too! We ALL need a caravan like Debbie! Don't tell her, but I'm thinking of moving into it, she won't notice me and I know she's dying to share! ;oP lol lol I may be relegated to my greenhouse (a small summer house..nothing LIKE a caravan!).for some of my dollshouses. ;o( It is warm and dry (it’s heated! Lol)

    Michelle xxx

  5. Love the street all together.

    don't work too hard with all that boring stuff :-)

  6. luv your little houses all lined up like a street!
    So exciting I really would luv to make a PO with all the letters and such, (too many other projects waiting) so Im looking forward to seeing it all come together in your Post Office, Julia

  7. I didn't know you haven't finished the Post Office yet, how many years have you had it? A sewing shop in the Post Office would be good - didn't the real life Post Office used to sell balls of wall? I think you could get a lot more content in with sewing shop than grocers.
    & can I come to St Fagans next time? xx

  8. Hi Eldest Daughter!!
    I am redoing the post office, can't remember why I stripped it out originally, but it seemed lke a good idea at the time! and yes, our RL post office used to sell wool, thats why you used to have so many knitted cardis :0)
    Of course you can come to St Fagan's next time we go :0)
    mum xxx


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