Monday, 12 April 2010

A new corner for Gertie and a new workspace for me!

Gertie, as yet, sadly lacks a home, so I have given her a corner of the dresser! I think she has settled in quite well next to the enormous wooden mushrooms lol.
And..... I was really lucky to win an ebay auction last week, so Gertie now has a pet mouse, newly arrived from Liz of Streets Hill Miniatures :0)

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter and for those of us with children on school holidays, I hope you all coping !!! lol My lovely monsters are down the allotment today with my dad, so that I can get on with tidying up after our mamoth decorating stint over the last week or so.  In between working, we have re-jigged the ground floor of our house and our dining room is now my workroom with lots of space for displaying our current projects and our living room is now a living/dining room! I'm surprised how well it's worked actually, thank heavens for large 1960's box style rooms!

This is one side of my new 'work room'. We found some wonderful 'Tree' wallpaper for a feature wall and it is the perfect backdrop for the Wizard and Wands Bookstore. I have a nice high chair, perfect for sitting on whilst I work on the library room and the lovely wicker basket on the chair holds my aida canvases for my mini stitchings. I now have loads of floor and cupboard space and my dresser cupboards are filled with easy reach craft supplies.

My little shop 'Woolembees' sits on the dresser and the light is great here, so it will be perfect for photographing any new stitchings 'in the shop'!  On the other side of the room is a sideboard where I will be putting either a house on or the Mandrake House and a walled garden. And... the best thing about my new work room? It's right next to the kitchen, easy reach to the kettle... ;0)

Even Pumpkin the cat has a treat in here... a new scratching post...
Hopefully, all will get finished today and I will be back mini making this week,
Have a great day,

Julia xxx


  1. Julia it looks lovely. It will be fantastic for you to have your own workspace. I'm still sorting the van out! Looking forward to seeing all your new creations..xx

  2. Hi Debbie,
    It's going to be great to be able to spread everything out and not worry about getting it all tidied up before we can eat lol. I'm still jealous of your wonderful space in your caravan though :0( lol.
    Julia xxx

  3. What a gorgeous relaxing looking workspace Julia! Im always shifting furniture about, made the dining room into a bedroom recently, and the conservatory into the dining room, he he but sure it will change again! I LOVE those wooden mushrooms, theyd be perfect for my Alice project, oooh where can i buy some of those???!!! Your witch looks so wonderful, in fact she looks like shes at home already, appears to me quite a lazy little witch so no doubt shes happy anywhere as long as she has her chair!!lol Kate xx

  4. Thankyou Kate :0) I love moving things around too and Hywel always used to joke that he wouldn't know what he was coming home too and one day he would go to the wrong house and not notice!!
    Do you mean my tall wooden mushrooms? They are 8 inches tall and I bought them last year in a local ethnic fairtrade craft shop. I shall pop in and see if they still have any later in the week :0)
    Hope your enjoying the school hols :0)
    Julia xx

  5. Its lovely Julia, its nice having a workspace of your own. Your home is lovely and Gertie looks like shes settled right in. I know hwat you mean about the hollidays, our girls go back tomorrow but the fosterling is off till Monday.
    Debie xxxxxx

  6. Hi Debie,
    Thankyou for your lovely comment, what you can't see in the photo is the round patch of white cats hair, where Pumpkin has been curled up all night and the poor dog got banned untill the pics were taken.... I dare say it won't stay tidy for long... sigh!!

    Our kiddies are off untill monday and Meg is not happy that I have banned the TV during the day... I just couldn't take anymore of Hannah Montana from morn till night!
    Julia xxxxx

  7. I love this little mouse! Nice place to work too:)

  8. Julia, yep the big wooden mushrooms, 8 inch would be perfect, i thought I could paint them too being wooden. I need them for the background of my Alice setting, wanted a few each mushrooms each side and saves me making paper machie ones!! if you find any Id love to know thankyou :-) Kate xx p.s Ive had it with Hannah too, her songs are stuck in my head ahhhh!!

  9. Hi Kate,
    I will pop into town in the next few days and have a look for you :0)
    Julia xx

  10. It looks really nice, I love the wallpaper :) I would have also a working room, but it's currently total mess and even if cleaned, it's in separate building, so I wouldn't like to sit there hours, so I'll just mess up the house :D

    And thank you, your package arrived today, the mini christmas tree was fab as well as the embellishments - they really have use in the houses :) But I have to tell you that I will be bad girl and paint the chocolate display white or red to go with the rest of my Bakkerys interior, hope that you don't mind :)

    Have a great week,


    ps. I love your tree in the pic and the mouse, OMG, isn't he small!

  11. Hi Ira,
    I'm glad you like you minis and I don't mind at all if you paint the chocolate counter, I will look forward to seeing which colour you choose on your blog :0)

    Julia xxxx

  12. I love your wallppaper and the wooden mushroom near Gertie.
    Gertie is a wonderful doll and i love how she sits. What a cute little mouse too, i'd like to own one of those too!
    Its lovely for you to have a space dedicated to minis.
    I have one more week of schoool holidays left and looing forward to peace.
    Thank you for the award in your previous post and so sorry i have not thanked you sooner.
    I also have put one of the hanging pumpkins by for you because you mentioned you liked them. When i am more organised and find the box they are all stored in i'll send one to you. It may be a while but i wont forget.
    Nikki xxx

  13. Forgot to say Julia, Love the little mouse from Liz. You was lucky getting him without anything attached to him or have you managed to detach him from something? xxx

  14. What a lovely workroom, it looks so light and airy and right next to the kitchen, a real bonus!
    I know what you mean about the holidays, it is lovely to have to children off school but you really don't get a chance to get much done.
    Emma x

  15. Hi Nikki,
    Thanks for putting one of the hanging pumpkins aside for me, I love pumpkins and yours are fab :0) Eventually, all my pumpkins will be going in and around Gertie's cottage, (the cottage has yet to be built though, lol.
    Roll on the end of the school hols, so that we can all get back to making a mess!!
    Julia xx
    PS If the shop still has the mushrooms in stock, I can see me buying loads to pass on, lol

    Hi Debbie,
    The little mouse came with a fork and trowel. In the pic he was sitting on the fork and I assumed he was glued in place, but when I opened the box he was loose, which was perfect for me, because I can now put him by Gertie and use the fork and trowel in the Mandrake House :0)
    Julia xx

    Hi Emma,
    I agree, its lovely to have them home, but not alot gets done! My Hannah Montana ban has just been broken, I decided I could put up with her more than Squarebob spongepants!!
    Julia xxx

  16. It all looks wonderful! Gertie looks so comfy and so at home in the corner! The giant mushrooms are fabulous! :o))

    Your new work area is great too, and so light! A work area is a must so you can just leave stuff out. ;o) I have plans to change mine and/or expand. ;o)

    My Sister has gone home now, so it's quieter at home. ;o) Back to work now, so less time for blogging. :o(

    Michelle xxx

  17. Hi Julia, I have been lucky enough to purchase a number of your beautiful items including a dated sampler for my daughter Grace. I think this workspace will be a lovely place for you to be even more creative.

  18. I love your work space Julia, its just perfect and will be a great place to display your miniatures too :0)
    love the little mouse next to gertie , and those mushrooms are fab too !
    julie xxx

  19. Hi Michele,
    If your anything like me, your workspace will have to expand... I just can't keep the mess to one area lol xxx

    Hi Janice,
    I remember the sampler, its lovely to know the person my work has gone too :0) I have linked up quite a few of my followers with previous Etsy sales now and its lovely that some keep in touch with their minis antics via email if they don't have a blog. I popped over and had a look at your flowers, they are fab :0) xxx

    Hi Julie,
    Thankyou, I can't wait to spread out on the floor and start creating :0)

    Julia xxx

  20. Ok, the dining room aka 'Mum's New Workroom' looks nice - alot better with the furniture laid out this way! Sheri xx


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