Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Mandrakes for Mandrakes House :0)

My little parcel from Debie of http://piskies-and-poppets.blogspot.com/ has arrived and I am so thrilled with the mandrakes I commisioned from Debie that I couldn't resist sharing with you all ;0) I asked for a little mixture of some in pots, some to put on the table and some to 'plant' in the soil bed and here they are :0) I haven't put everything in place properly yet, I am working nights at the moment, straight after a week of late shifts, so as you can imagine, the old body clock is ever so slightly out and 'proper' mini time is on hold untill thursday, but you can get the idea :0)

On the table is a fabalous Troll's toe with 'bloodied' nail from Debie, a little mouse on some banana skins from Streets Hill Miniatures and some of Debie's mandrakes, look at the little expressions on their faces, great lol.

Hopefully, later in the week I will have time to 'muddy' up some newspaper for the table and floor and make some 'soily' fingerprints for around the mandrakes on the table :0)

Julia xxx

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  1. Its all looking great Julia. I so want a troll toe board they are the coolest arnt they, so grim but so great! Love the little mouse he is cute, I love mice......well in miniature only of course! The whole scene is really coming on well. Kate xx

  2. Oh, little pink fellow, on first photo - he looks so shy:)))))

  3. Julia, Debie's little mandrakes look quite a home in your Greenhouse. I Love Debie's Troll Toes, they are so grossly grotesque. Did you know that if you stroke a mandrake with a troll toe, it sends it to sleep. Well so Debie says and I believe her..LOL
    Cute little mouse, I've got the Rat on the Banana skin. xxx

  4. Yes according to Mildrid Mudgebanks (author of Trolls and Gnomes, A Witches Guide written in the age of the Hairy Fingleling when Hagrat the Crone was head of the Witches counsel) a trolls toe, espcially from the species Trollus Gardinus is used to put a squealing mandrake to sleep so that it can be re-potted or used for whatever purpose necessary.

    They look well at home there Julia :O)

    Off to dig out my copy of Mildred's book and see what else she has to say.

    Debie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. This is just delightful Julia!! I love the little Mandrakes and the toe AND tiniest mouse on a board!!!

    This is a great little Mandrake House! :o)

    Michelle xxx

  6. Wonderful...Debies work is amazing but the troll toes are just a hoot. They look perfect there.

  7. Thankyou all. I am so enjoying this little project and there is still lots to make for it :0) Thankyou Debie for my mandrake and trolls toe start! :0)
    Julia xxxxx


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