Friday, 30 April 2010

New furniture for Gertie!!

I know poor Gertie doesn't have her own cottage yet and she has to make do with a corner on my dresser, but I have been busy buying and making some little bits for her cottage for when it finally gets made!

I bought this fabalous screen from Jennykelm on Ebay. It is made from plastic, but you would never guess unless you actually picked it up, it's great :0) I also bought the lovely chair from Ebay and the cream pitcher on Etsy. The chair is resin, which I don't usually buy, but I liked the look of it and was really happy with it when it arrived and of course, I had to stitch one of my owl cushions for it in matching colours ;0)
I also bought this dresser from Ebay, the seller stated they have an antiques shop and was selling this item in it's original damaged, dirty condition. Now, it was expensive, compared to what I would normally pay for a dresser, but it just jumped out of the page at me, screaming 'I'm perfect for a corner in the scruffy, run down witches cottage!' lol So, I saved it to my watched items, turned off the computer and told myself that if it was still there in a couple of days, I may buy it. I then went and had a cup of tea, turned the computer back on and promptly bought it!! It had a hold on me!! lol. I am thrilled with it... it has some damage to the mesh, is very grubby and I really don't want to know what those spots on the door are... but I instantly think of bird poo when I take a closer look!! I don't think its very old, its probably just been mistreated and left out in the garden.. ooow! But I love it!!
Then I bought a little cat from a new seller on Etsy. She's a gorgeous little cat and furry! I'm not sure where she will live yet though! The seller has a wonderful french bulldog listed at the mo, well worth a peek :0)

And finally, I have been stitching some Shabby Cat cushions in new colours for my little Etsy Store

And thats all my news for this week!
Hope everyone has a great weekend and bank holiday... think of me... I will be working my sox off in the RL job!
Julia xx


  1. Great buys, Julia! It's amazing that that screen is plastic -- I would never have guessed :) And I love the dresser, too -- sometimes these things just speak to us, don't they? :)

  2. The dresser looks like a real find. Certainly worth paying the extra for.


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