Thursday, 4 February 2010

Wizards and Wands Bookstore ~ first coat of paint goes on!!

This morning I have started to paint the outside walls of the Wizard store. I started by painting the brickwork section with a pale green emulsion mixed with a dark green oil based paint. I know emulsion and oil based paint don't mix, but when you apply it, the oil based paints spreads in patches and I find it gives a good moss mottle affect.
When that had dried, I painted parts of the wall grey, let that dry and then painted the whole of the walls with a mix of cream emulsion, sandstone coloured acrylic paint and a few drops of water to thin. I find using a fluffy artist's brush and swirling the paint on in circles, makes the finish better. The paint doesn't look so flat that way. I am now waiting for that to dry before swirling on a final 'dirty' colour coat of paint and finishing off the beam colour.
Inside, on the bottom floor, which will be the Wizards and Wands Bookstore part of the building, Hywel has chopped the stairs in half, so that they don't take up so much room and added a stair well. He has also been measuring out floorboards ready to be cut and laid upstairs in the library.

Thats all we have done on the bookstore this week, not much, but we have both been busy at work. After one day off yesterday, I go back into work tonight and work nights through untill sunday night, so I doubt I will be posting again untill monday!  My days will be spent sleeping or growling at the kids for waking me up lol.

Have a great weekend everyone, Julia xxx

Nicer pics of yesterdays dresser and washstand. Now listed on


  1. This is looking brilliant and I LOVE the staircase! YOU will be finished before me!!!!! lol I like the bigger picture too (the 1st one), it allowed me to have a good nose at you and your hubby's workmanship! lol Your shop has inspired me....I'm going to have a Diagon Ally(found room on top of a low bookcase with about 5 or 6 feet to play with!) with 3 or 4 shops, not sure what type for all of them yet. ;o))

    Will email you either later tonight or tomorrow. ;o)
    Michelle xxxx

  2. It is looking great. Interesting paint techniques but I can see it works well.

  3. its lookin good! :o) shame work has to stop your playing time :o( there are never enough hours in the day or days in the week!

  4. Hi Michele,
    A Diagon Alley sounds great. We will be able to swap tips and ideas to our hearts content, which will be fab. Can't wait to hear more :0)
    Julia xx


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