Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A messy Morning... but pretty results!!

I have had a busy and very messy morning, dressing a washstand and dresser. I had waxed and cream washed these two a few weeks ago, but hadn't got around to dressing them. So, this morning, I decided to get on with finishing them and made a mess on my dining table in the process! But, I think the results were worth the mess I know have to tidy up!!
Sorry, the lighting in the photos is a bit bright, but I took them quickly so that I could write this post whilst eating my lunch... multi tasking!
This is my first attempt at a little shabby chic wash stand, with one of my little pots, a box of french soaps and a little pink pearl heart shaped bracelet, amongst other pretty items and a filled drawer.

A dresser fit for a fairy! Complete with fairy books, turned rosewood mushroom, amethyst heart, fairy wings in a jar and on and on... 
As you can see, I have been having fun :0)

Off to clear up now and take better pics before I list them later on Etsy.
Hope you are all having a great day too,
Julia xx


  1. Beautiful Shabby Chic! Love both pieces!

  2. Love it, the paint effect came out really nice and I like how you filled the shelves.

  3. Very beautiful, I love Shabby Chic ;-)

  4. I love them Julia. Good luck with your Etsy.
    Debie xxxxx

  5. They are both so pretty Julia! Love the tall one sooo much!

  6. Julia these are truly delightful with attention to detail!! I love how you have dressed the drawers too...wonderful extras! I want to find a home for them!! ;o))

    Did you get my rodent suppliers? That sounds good doesn't it! ;o) lol lol
    Michelle xxx

  7. They are lovely Julia ,I especially love the wash stand :0)
    julie xxx

  8. Beautiful Julia...good luck with the sales

  9. Love the dresser and wash stand! So worth the mess!

  10. Very pretty! Love the little butterfly.

  11. Thankyou everybody for your lovely comments, I did have fun making all that mess Lol. I am going to paint the Wizards Bookstore today, so will be making even more mess ;0)

    Hi Michele,
    No, I didn't get your email, I am still having trouble with my sky email. I will shout at sky and try to sort it again today xx

    Julia xxx


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