Friday, 12 February 2010

Let me present the amazing Aunt Agatha

The minutue I saw Julie's post of her two new witches, I had a flash of inspiration for a scene in the Wizards and Wands Bookstore. So, I contacted Julie, told her my idea and asked if she would not take the kindly old witch to her upcoming fair and would let me buy her :0) Julie kindly agreed and this morning 'Aunt Agatha, the kind old witch' (as she will be known) arrived. I am totally thrilled with her, thankyou Julie.
Look at these fab shoes and stripey stockings!!

The wizard fireplace idea came abought especially for Aunt Agatha. When the library floor of the Wizards and Wands Bookstore is finished, Aunt Agatha will sit by the wizard fireplace and read stories to the little wizard and witch children sitting cross legged on the floor in front of her! No witching hour here, it will be 'Story Time Hour with Aunt Agatha, the kind old witch'

Julie also popped some little gifts in the parcel to start me off on filling my bookstore shelves. Aren't they great?  A huge thankyou to Julie, I am thrilled with them all :0)

Julia xxx

Julie's fabalous dolls can be found at or


  1. Agatha is just wonderful, you are very lucky Julia, and she really fits in beautifully! Julie is a love isnt she, I did the same when I saw Violetta! Poor Julie, frantically trying to get a good stock of dolls together for all the fairs and all of us see them and want to grab them then and there, and shes great enough to oblidge! I can see why you had to have her as she looks so at home. Welcome Agatha ( Aggie for short?) , look forward to seeing all the little children at her feet. Kate xx

  2. Hi Kate,
    We are lucky that Julie puts up with us pinching all her stock! I'm not sure yet, if I can make it to the spring Miniatura this year and I would of hated missing out on her because as soon as I saw her I just knew she was perfect for the library room :0) She's not going to be an Aggie, because she has to have an 'air of respectability about an her' so she will be 'Aunt Agatha'
    As for the wizard and witch children... a long way off I think, lots to do on the bookstore first!
    Julia xx

  3. Es entrañable la tia Agatha, tiene una mirada tan tierna. Julie es una gran miniaturista.. Estoy deseando ver esa tierna imagen de la tia Agatha con los niños.

  4. Oh! It is wonderful, really beautigul. I love her!

  5. Wauw Agatha is beautiful my compliments ;-)

  6. Agatha is wonderful Julia! Julie’s characters have wonderful faces and most kindly looking….yours is no exception! ;o))) I love the shawl and hot pink stripy stockings!! WOW! ;o))

    It was so terribly kind of Julie to let her go too AND send the free gifts… I LOVE the fish bones!!! ;o))
    Michelle xxxx

  7. Beautiful Doll by Julie. Aunt Agatha looks right at home, I can just see her reading to the

  8. She is a very kindly looking witch indeed! I would have loved to have had her read me stories as a child, but alas there were no such wonderful places around. It's nice when you get what you want eh? Julie is a lovely person and a great dollmaker :o)

  9. Hello Julia :0) Aunt Agatha looks quite at home already ! I think she could be quite strict if she wanted to so I bet she wont stand any nonsense from those children , but of course they will love her as she has a kind heart :0)
    what a wonderful new home she has :0)
    julie xxx

  10. Julie's doll is so lovely!!! Love how she is dressed and her sweet face!

  11. Aunt Agatha is just perfect for the library room. They will be very lucky children to have her as a story teller.


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