Monday, 1 February 2010

Window dressing at Woolembees

Last week I decorated some little wooden pots for my Esty store and today, I decided that Woolembees needed some too! My window was in need of dressing, so I have made a start by placing some of my pots, a waxed heart and star on the window sill. The pretty box that my lovely little La Petite Belle came in has also gone in the window. La Petite Belle is happily sitting on the chair in the nursery, so I had thought of putting the box under the dresser in Woolembees, but you couldn't really see it, so in the window it now sits.

I also decided to put my purple lilac medieval chair in Woolembees. The colour of the leather seat matches my colour scheme perfectly and it fits nicely in the corner, beside the window, so I will have to try and get another for my Wizards and Wands Bookstore. I have added quite a bit to Woolembees since I last showed some photos, the dresser has more pretty bits and pieces on the shelves and I have put up a lovely blue wall hanging on the back wall. 

On the outside, the climber now has a pot and isn't growing out of thin air! and the shop sign is in place. I am pleased with how this little project is coming along, it is small and pretty and I would love a shop like this in 'real life' size!
Julia xx


  1. It's looking lovely and full of gorgeous details!

  2. Me too Julia,it's looking fabulous. Love the little wooden pots. Jain x

  3. Its so lovely Julia, the sort of shop you would love to go into if it were life size !
    Your little pots are wonderfully cute , I just love the one you sent me :0)
    The climber definitely needed that pot LOL it finishes it off perfectly,
    julie xxx

  4. Your little shop looks lovely

  5. Its lovely Julia. I love your attention to detail.
    Debie xxxx

  6. Julia- it looks so wonderful! I think the lavander chair looks perfect in your shop! I love all the new additions- especially that teeny tiny kitty in the window- how adorable!!

  7. What a lovely little shop! I love the inside, especailly all your little custions and the little woooden pots are so sweet! :o))I like the hanging oil lamp too!
    Michelle xxx

  8. Thankyou all for your lovely comments :0)

    Kim, I will let you into a little secret... the teeny weeny cat in the window is actually a button!

    Julia xxx


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