Friday, 8 January 2010

Sorry ~ Been really busy!!

It feels like I haven't written a proper 'mini' post for ages, but as you can see the snow is still really thick (with more forecast over the weekend!) and this slows everything down. I have been working non-stop since New Years day and as nurse in charge on night duty, I can't leave untill the equivilant grade nurse arrives. As the roads have been so icy and we are on a hill! this has mean't that I haven't been finishing on time. In turn, this has led to my daytimes being 'out of sinc' and thus no time for minis or blogging :0(  Yesterday, I managed to get home by 8 am, but I then spent the whole day, evening and last night sleeping! Guess that was my bodies way of saying 'stop now!'

Anyway.... Today I am awake and I have a week off in front of me, so there will be plenty of posts and minis this week. This morning, I trusted the roads had been gritted and I drove into the town. Whilst there, I popped into the sewing shop and have bought some deliciously coloured cottons for some new 2010 designs.

I have also bought some minis for the little shop on Ebay, so I will be making up some soap boxes tonight, look out for a post on monday, to see what I managed to get done over the weekend :0)

Have a great, safe in that snow weekend, Julia xx


  1. Julia its good to see you posting. Yup your body must of been telling you slow down. I think people totally undervalue nurses and the job they do at the best of times and even more so in the bad times. You do a wonderful job x
    Looking forward to seeing some new minis. Take care, keep safe adn warm.

    Debie xxx

  2. Thanks Debie. I love my job, but I am really looking forward to a stress-free week of making minis and pottering around the 'big' house!
    Julia xx

  3. Good to see you back!!! I'm sure that you were exhausted from all the extra time at work.

    Hoping you enjoy your week off with lots of mini's to make! ;o) I've made lots of paper mini's etc., such fun to do!

    Michelle xxx

  4. Hope you get some good 'me' time to play. xxx

  5. sounds like you need this coming week of rest, even though the snow will make things a bit harder. Enjoy the week off work.


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