Sunday, 10 January 2010

Commision House

This morning I have trawled through ALL our old photo discs and I came across some old photos from a few years ago, of a special house. The house had been bought by a lady's son-in -law as she entered her eighth decade! She had always wanted a dolls house, so we were asked to work a little magic on this kit house and basement to make it an extra special 80th birthday present.

As the house came with a basement, the exterior side door leading from the living room, opened onto to nothing! So we added a side walk and flight of stone steps. The exterior was then decorated with a mix of cream stone and quoins. We used the plasticote stone spray for the main walls and grey brick compound to make the paving and flag stones. Hywel also made some handrails from thick wire stems.

The view through the front door, leading to the carpeted stairs.

The view through the front window, into the main parlour.
The main parlour room, with mahogany wood floorboards, half wall wood panelling and velvet, burgundy and gold flocked wallpaper. The fireplace was polished cast iron with glowing coals. I think this is one of my favourite rooms we have ever made.

Upstairs hallway, with mahogany stair rails and banisters.

Downstairs in the basement, there were two rooms and a hallway. This is the view through the hall door into the kitchen. Our instructions were to flagstone the floor and just place the kitchen range against a wall. We saw the house a couple a months after she had it and it was looking fabalous. Throughout the years, she had bought little bits and stored them away in a box, in the hope that one day she would have a house to put them in. Now she had the house and her little miniatures looked wonderful in it :0)

Back tomorrow, Julia xx


  1. What a wonderful gift! The house looks amazing!
    I'm happy to have MY first dollhouse before I turn 80 years old! Great story!

  2. What a wonderful Story I bet the lady loved it. xxx

  3. Oh, I'm sure it must have been a wonderful surprise for that lady!!! I'm sure she was so thrilled. What a truly thoughtful and kind son-in-law!
    Michelle xxx

  4. What a wonderful story and what a beautiful house ! I'm sure the lady was thrilled to bits :0)
    julie xxx


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