Sunday, 3 January 2010

The Coxswold ~ welcome in

I had always wanted a Sid Cooke house and was a regular stalker of their website, trying to decide which house to have. Then, on a trip to Miniatura one year, there was a Sid Cooke stand displaying their houses and I made up my mind to buy the Coxswold.

The outside of the Coxswold.
We made it into a bank with living quarters. The lower floor had a parlour and hallway on the left and the bank on the right. The black double doors were the entrance to the bank and the entrance to the living quarters was on the side. Sorry, the photos aren't great, but these are old photos, taken in the days before I had learn't how to take better photos and how to edit. LOL!

We altered the internal walls to make room for a slightly bigger hallway. This is part of the parlour room and it had a corner fireplace and lovely flocked velvet wallpaper.

The upstairs hallway, in progress! It was wonderful when finished, with stained floorboards and William Morris wallpaper. The room beyond was the bathroom and the side doors led to the main bedroom and a childs room.

This was the view through the bank window. The counter is half made and at the back you can just see the bank tellers office. The walls were wood panelling and we had a large fireplace which we stained in a dark oak.

A very grainy photo, but hopefully you can make out the back of the bank's office, with the shelves ready for the ledgers and the desk. We also made a safe to fit beside the desk to keep all the gold coins safe!!

The Coxswold was a lovely house and always 'dressed' well for christmas, but a few years after finishing it, due to a growing family, we decided to sell it on to free up space in the 'real' house. It went to a 16 year old, who had always dreamed of having a dolls house and this was a present from her new adoptive parents. They were thrilled with it and although we are not in touch, I hope it continues to bring pleasure.

Julia xx


  1. Oh Julia,its wonderful ! I would never have thought of making a miniature bank and this is just so perfect.It must have been hard to part with but how lovely that was sold as such a special present. I think Sid Cooke houses look so gorgeous once they are decorated and I lusted after one for ages before buying my empire stores kit.
    I really enjoyed looking at these pictures.The staircase is beautifully realistic too !
    julie xxx

  2. You done a wonderful job on completing this great kit, what a shame that you went on to sell it. :o( I love the fancy detail on the parlour glass door, I guess that was part of the kit too? I love the outside too. :o)
    Michelle xx

  3. Thankyou Julie. If I come across any more old photos of the Coxswold, I will pop them on xx

    Hi Michele,
    The door wasn't part of the kit, we bought it seperatly and I stain glassed it. Another trick I used upstairs, but you can't see it in the photos, was to paint the round gold coloured door knobs with cream enamael paint. They then look the old cream china door knobs!

    Julia xx

  4. Hello,
    what a wonderful house it is!
    I've recently bought this house and can't wait to start! There's is just one problem, I didn't get the building plan..
    Does anyone know how to get a building plan?
    If you could send me a copy maybe, I'm willing to compensate for the costs!
    My e-mail adress is:
    Thank you!
    Best wishes and good luck with your house!
    M. Aerts

  5. Hi, Maybe if you contact the makers on the box direct they could supply you with a building plan. Thanks for your comments,


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