Tuesday, 12 January 2010

A snow rant!!!!

The snow arrived at roughly 2.40. I left to pick Dean and Meg up at 3pm, got Dean ok, but the 10 minutue car journey to Meg's school was horrendous. I slid down the steep hill into the valley and only just managed to stop before going into the bridge wall. That was really scary. When I got to Meg's school, it was blizzard like, so we abandoned the car on the side of the road, I am praying no-one slides into it. We then walked home, which took us 40 minutues, slipping and sliding on the pavements. Cars were neck to neck going nowhere! Hywel left work at 4pm, they wouldn't let him leave earlier, which has really annoyed and upset me. He is still not home, it is now 7.30pm.  He is crawling slowly along with the rest of the traffic. He can't leave the car and walk, if he slipped, his legs wouldn't take the fall. I am so annoyed and upset, I needed a rant. Think I will go outside and have a scream. On top of all that, our sky dish isn't getting a signal and all sky said was we will have to wait untill the weather warms up!! When March???? Arghhhhh!! Will feel better when Hywel is home safe and warm. Sorry for the rant :0(
Julia xx


  1. Hope Hywell is home soon, or has got home safe and sound.
    Also glad you left the car because it sounds ever so scary what you went through. Hope you can recover it soon too.
    All of our snow is almost gone but perhaps we too have more on its way. Hope not!
    Our sky went off for a little while during last weeks snow. I'm sure it will be back on soon.
    Nikki xxx

  2. I hope Hywel arrives safe and sound soon. I think sometimes it helps to rant- so no sorries necessary :) Stay safe and warm Julia ♥

  3. Julia poor you, I cant blieve it , more snow ahhhhh Ill scream with you. Big Hugs, we are all here for you to have a good scream!! Hope Hywel gets back ok. Kate xx

  4. Julia know the feeling, we had a text from the boys school asking us to pick them up at 1.30 today. They just got in before the blizzard started. I'm hoping that we can get Ben into school tomorrow as he has an exam. Lots of the roads around here have been shut off due to the snow drifting.
    I hope Hywel got home safe. Keep warm xxx

  5. Oh, my heart goes out to you, so much worry! I hope Hywel gets home safely.

  6. Thankyou all for your well wishes, Hywel finally got at 8pm, tired and hungry, but glad to be home :0) Julia xx

  7. I'm so glad that your hubby got home safely! We've had more snow too all night! Car got stuck in the snow and ice this morning and I had to be dug out by 3 people! I had to abort going into work and still snowing on and off now...Met Office says more heavy snow due today! Arrrghh!!! I lost my Sky signal last week and it was out all night, I only got the signal back the next day.
    Stay safe and warm.
    (Hugs) Michelle xxxx


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