Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The Bear Cabin and snow update

The Bear Cabin. We made this little cabin a couple of years ago from a DHE kit. We covered it all over in rounded wood beading from the local DIY shop and gave it a shingle wood roof and an outside decked area. Inside, I made up some of my bears and turned it into a bear shop!

On the top floor is the 'staff room' :0)

Lots of my little bears, some made from chennile pipecleaners and some are needlefelted. I even wove the baskets from tiny basket cane!

Snow Update - Hywel finally got home at 8pm. Very tired and cold, he had spent 4 hours in the car, doing a 30 minutue journey! More snow fell overnight and many roads are closed, there is no public transport running, yet he was picked up for work in a 4X4 at 6.45 am this morning!! He works in a timber yard, hardly important to be open in this weather, but I am saying no more, except that I am disgusted by the owners callous lack of respect for their workers safety! The children have a day off today, their both schools are shut, so they are having a long lie in, lucky things! I am going to spend the day clearing snow, finding some winter thick curtains for the eldest daughter's flat (she is moaning the heat isn't staying in, as her curtains are thin!) and worrying untill Hywel gets home tonight... again! 
Thankyou to everyone who left comments wishing us well after my snow rant yesterday and Debbie, I hope Ben gets to his exam ok.
Stay safe and warm everyone, Julia xx


  1. Hi Julia, glad to hear Hywel got home safe last night. Managed to get Ben to the School this morning, just had a phone call to say he's finished his exam, but not to get him yet, as only two of them managed to make it this morning. The other boy came by Tractor! They are waiting for some reporters who want to interview them for the news! LOL I'll let you know if they make our local news.
    Love your little Bear Cabin xxx

  2. Hi Debbie,
    Glad to hear Ben got to his exam ok and the other boy by tractor :0) I will keep an eye on the local news, our TV is thankfully working today.. so far! Take care, picking Ben up, Julia xx

  3. There's no joy to be had with dangerous weather! I feel for you and Hywel, I feel so sorry for him! I don't agree with employers either who expect staff to turn up... it's all very well with them saying the motorways are ok, IF you can get to them! I cant' even get to my nearest A road let alone any major road My office which is 16 miles away is surrounded by little roads which are nothing less than skating rinks not to mention the pavements! I can’t use a bus or train. Grrrrr! So, I'm forced to stay home today...if it freezes tonight, I won't be able to go anywhere tomorrow, so another days leave...and the lack of gritting GRRRR! :o((

    I LOVE the bear cabin, it's soooo pretty and I love the general style. :o))
    Do take care! Thinking of you all!
    Stay safe!
    Michelle xxx

  4. Poor Hywel, youd think his employer would be more considerate in this weather! I had a phone call today from Lolas school moaning at me that I put Lola in trousers and not a skirt as its not school uniform! Needless to say I went mad as she has a stinking cold and cough but after a few days off, was told she should come in to improve the attendance records, so I put her in tights and warm trousers smart ones, and sent a letter explaining that as it was minus degrees and snowing again I wanted her at her warmest! After all, all the female teachers are nice and warm in trousers, not one in a skirt!! He he Im ranting now too!
    I love the bear cabin, my daughter Lola would so love it too, cant wait to show her, she loves bears and this is a beautiful style. We go to a bear shop In Lyme Regis called Alice's bear shop and she really wants a mini version, yet another project though! Thanks for putting the pics, just love it. When you say wooden beading is that from a craft shop or just like Homebase or something, as it looks nice and narrow? Kate xx

  5. What a sweet little teddy bear shop!

    Glad everyone is safe and sound from the snow.

  6. Hi Michele,
    Getting to work for unreasonable employers in this weather is mad. I have had the radio on all day and 3 of the main routes into our town were closed this morning after bad accidents. One of those roads being one we would travel. It's just not worth taking the risk if you don't have too xx

    Hi Kate,
    I don't blame you for ranting. I can't believe Lola's school are still living in the dark ages and expecting girls to wear skirts. Sexual discrimination or what? I'd be telling them that under her human rights, she has a right to be warm! Our local schools have been allowing trousers for girls for quite a few years now and in this terrable weather you don't see anyone in skirts. I hope Lola gets over her cold soon, it has been a bad winter for the kids picking up coughs and colds this year, Meg still has her cough too.

    The beading on the Bear cabin is from Wickes DIY store, I think B&q sell it too, but Wickes is cheaper lol. It is the perfect size, not too narrow or thick. Hywel just cut it in strips and glued it on with ordinary wood glue. It was so easy and quick to do, we didn't even varnish it, just left the pine to age naturaly.

    Take care in this awful weather, Julia xx

  7. Julia, oh Ive tried the human rights thing, after all everyone else tries it and gets their way but they dont seem top take me seriously, and yet some of the people in Lolas class wear what they like as they are a different religion , so I dont quite get it! , after all I only ask the girls have a choice, and like you say nearly all schools offer it to girls nowadays. So I will be getting a petiton up now, they'll think Im a bit of a militant mother I think but its just I now have a bee in my bonnet!!lol
    Hope the snow has stopped for you!
    Lola adores the bear shop, so if you need to make room for a bigger project in the future you have an eager buyer here if you ever decide to sell it on he he!! Love the way the writing is done for the sign too! Have a good weekend both to all of you, hope Meg feels better soon too, nasty these colds !Kate xx

  8. Beautiful little shop Julia.

    Glad Hywel got home safely even if it did take some time :-(

    I understand there are certain professions that have to go to work come rain or shine but I can't see a lumber yard is one of those. I can't imagine anyone is doing building work in the weather you are having.

  9. I have a soft spot for teddies and just love everything about your Bear Cabin.
    Hope Hywels journey is safe and shorter today.

  10. Hi kate,
    I don't blame for you having a bee in your bonnet, I would too. Have you tried speaking to your council's school board, I can't remember their correct name at the moment, but all schools ultimately answer to an office in their council. I also find MPs can be very helpful with things like this because they want your vote!!
    Julia xx

  11. Hi Talluah Belle
    Thanks for your well wishes. I agree some professions have to go in no matter what. I am a nurse and have to attend my nearest hospital/surgery within 3 miles of my home if called on, it is in our contract, but timber yards? no, that is just bosses on a power trip! Hope the weather gets better soon, the forecast says it will be getting warmer and thawing out over the next few days, so things should get back to normal then :0) xx

  12. Glad to hear all your family are safe Julia. We have had a lot of snow but not near as much as you guys. ((((( Hugs ))))))

    Debie xxx

  13. The Bear Cabin cetainly is cute!


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