Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Olde Post Office

Trying to decide whether or not to buy a new house yesterday, I decided to put a photo of each of my houses on my blog side bar. The thinking behind this is that when I am tempted to buy a big house I can look there and remind myself how many unfinished houses and shops I have dotted around the house and in the garage cum craft room! Too many, my dad would say lol.
Anyway, this is my Olde Post Office. This is the first house/shop we really started to experiment with different finishes on. The bottom shop was a kit and Hywel made the top living quarters.

Here is a close up of the brick and plaster work. We painted the window with a metalic pewter paint and then rubbed it down before it was dry. It gives a lovely lead effect.

This is the upstairs living quarters. We made all the bits and pieces to go in here, except for the puppy, range hearth, pans and table. On the floor is my first attempt at a rug! It turned out a bit thick and tends to rise up at the corners, but then so do real rugs.. it adds character lol. My curtains and curtain pole are a bit rough around the edges too, but we are going back a quite a few years to when we were just starting!!!

This is the view through the post office door. We used actual mosaic tiles for the floor, they look the part, but they added a great deal of weight to the shop. We also put in ceiling beams and little copper nails for hanging lamps and baskets, they are soooo fiddly though! At the moment, the post office is empty and all the little bits and peices are boxed. The idea was to work on making the post office more authentic looking. We'll see!!!

Back tomorrow, Julia xx

Snow update in Wales -- none so far, but apparantly on its way!


  1. Its wonderful Julia, love the fireplace, very homely! Would love to see more pics, espcially of the Victorian Villa, and the Bear Cabin! Kate xx

  2. Hi Kate,
    There are lots of pics of the Victorian Villa in my post dated 13 July 2009 and I will put a pic of the inside of the bear Cabin on for you tomorrow :0) Julia xx

    P.S. The snow has just started to fall on my patch Wales,thick and fast!!

  3. I like the idea how to make lead light windows - pewter paint! Great idea!

    My favourite houses of yours are the Bear Cabin and the terrace house. I love to see some more photo's of these two!

    I'm so glad that I am NOT the only one with part stated houses....my family think I'm potty (well, maybe I am!), but sometimes you need a change and rest from one house for new ideas to emerge! (that's my excuse anyhow!) lol So, you need to start another! lol ;oP I still think I should do another Harry Potter House though...The Warren ‘should’ be a must against a normal themed house etc. I need to move back to a bigger 'real' house….with more rooms I can keep my naughty cat out of!

    We are scheduled more snow too, 4 inches apparently. I will worry about it if and when it comes! lol
    Michelle xxx

  4. ohhh- I would love to see more of the inside of the post office- what a fab idea for a dollhouse! I'll be back tomorrow since I cannot resist dollhouse tours!!

  5. Hi Michele,
    There are photos of the inside of the Terrace on my previous post, look for 20 October 2009 and I will pop a pic of the inside of the Bear Cabin on tomorrow. xx

    Hi Kim,
    I will try and and get in the understairs cupboard and take some photos of the post office! I cleared my understairs cupboard out a year ago and most of my houses live in there. Typically, the post Office sits in the furthest, smallest corner!!
    Julia xx

  6. Love the little post office Julia.
    Boys were sent home early from School at 1.30 due to the weather. Its blowing a blizzard, they say we may have it on and off for the next 12 hours.. xx

  7. This is lovely Julia,I cant believe all your lovely houses are in a cupboard under the stairs !!!
    You should really get them out and diplay them somewhere,I know its hard finding the space though.
    would love to see more pics too :0)
    julie xxx

  8. Hi Julie,
    I know its sounds awful, but my understairs cupboard is very large, it was originally a coal store, now all cleaned out, painted and carpeted! I have a desk and a shelf in there, so that I could make my little street. It's just a little hard to get to the ones in the corner lol. My victorian house, the Wizards store and the little shop are in the main house though :0) Will put more pics on this week.
    Julia xx

  9. Your old post office is a beautiful house, congrats!

  10. I love all your houses and have struggled to pick a favourite.
    I like the post office as it is not being too post officy (bad wording, lol).
    We have a shop here which is almost on it last legs called cherry stores. Ive seen photos of it from years ago when it too was used as a post office and yours reminds me of it.
    I have only known it as the place to buy summer bedding and sweets, maybe the odd grocery item like milk. It still looks how it looed in the 40's and 50's and its windows and door are just like yours.


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