Monday, 11 January 2010

Busy working on the little shop, but tempted to get a bigger project!!

I have had a good weekend working on the little shop, which is looking more highlands scottish as I work. Isn't it funny how a project takes on a look of its own sometimes? No matter what plan you had in mind when you started!!

I have painted the outside with a mix of old cream emulsion, a splash of artist acrylic paint in antique white and a good splash of water. The water makes the paint consistency thinner, so you don't get clumps of thicker paint when finished. I have also played around with the steps with the aim of making them look a little worn!

Hywel then made a trellis to go up the side of window, now I have to decide whether to stain it dark or leave it natural? And ... I have to decide whether to put a cobbled road around the shop, just grass it or do a mix of both? I think I will probably do a mix of both. The base is a little old table top, its amazing what we keep, isn't it? It is battered and worn in places, but will cover nicely. The 'cobbles' are kitchen vinyl wallpaper, which should, fingers crossed, look really good after I have given them a grey wash with my emulsion mix.

This weekend, I also painted my dresser with a rich cream emulsion, again watered down, and rubbed a little medium oak wax over parts, as Hywel said it looked too clean for the shop... Cheek!!!
Then I made up some little soap boxes for the bottom shelf and to go in the drawers. After that I went back to my sewing and watching TV :0)

Oh... and I also did a little mooching on the internet. I follow Julie's blog,
Julie has bought herself a wonderful shop with living quarters, which she is making up as an Edwardian toyshop. Following her blog, I am itching to start a bigger project, so I have been looking around at available houses online. These are what are coming up as favourites so far.

A cotswold house from Maple street. Quite a small house, so space wouldn't be too much a problem. It has two main rooms and a side annexe room, which could be a small kitchen.

A tudor house, nice, but I always find they are tall! I am tempted to do an authentic Tudor house though, I like the leaded windows and beams and I could turn my hand to some tudor needlework. I would also have an excuse to buy some fabalous new tudor furniture and a four poster bed from

Or, a pretty house! This house is near enough identical to a real house at the end of our lanes, which I pass on  my way to work. I have always admired it and wished we lived there, but the reality from Hywel's accident last march is that we will probably now not move for quite a few years and then it will more than likely be too a bungalow, with no steep drive or steps. So... if I bought this house, I would decorate it in the colours and furniture that I would put in the 'real' house! Therefore it would be a mix of modern and sumptous fabrics.

I will have to have a good think... space is a priority, so it has to be the right house.. if I can squeeze one in at all. OR.... I'd also love to make a french house, now that the little shop is turning scottish! .. trouble is, I am having huge difficulty finding one that would be right. I'll have to keep mooching online!

Off for a cup of tea and to clear some more snow now, have a great day, Julia xx


  1. Oh Julia, I to want to make another house/shop too after Hogwarts! lol I have been thinking for a while whether to get rid of my old Victorian Shop, as it needs so much revamping that I'm tempted to buy Empire Stores which I have wanted for about 8 years! However, I am more tempted by The Jubilee (and the add-ons for it) by Sid Cooke too, I'd like to make a seaside B&B!

    I looked at Maple Street's Cotswolds Houses (the bigger one) as a Hogwarts, before I bought the one I did, as they are lovely houses and different too.

    It will depend on what you fancy doing?! ;o)
    Michelle xxxx

  2. Hi Michele,
    We all seem to have the 'new project' bug lol. I don't think I would have the room for the larger Maples Street house and I keep getting drawn back to the Gables - the last pic.
    The Jubilee is simply wonderful, I have looked at it a few times, the only thing that put me off, apart from the size, was the problems we had with the Coxswold not going together very well and a couple of missing doors. I may try and go up to look at the Maple street house, I think its only when you actually see them, that you can decide. Watch this space!!
    Julia xx

  3. I like the 1st one Julia, Ive seen that and been tempted but after swapping round all our houses this week, I have come to the conclusion I really can have no more :( Well never say never of course........maybe just no more big ones!! Little room boxes dont hurt do they!! lol Kate xx

  4. I'm sure you are quite right, little room boxes don't count.. lol I am thinking about room and considering selling my 'Apples bakers and tea rooms' to allow for room. We'll see... xx

  5. I wouldbe tempted most by the tudorhouse Julia, but it would take up so much space.
    I really wanted jubilee terrace plus orangery and couldnt fit it anywhere so bought empire stores.I am now thinking of adding a workshop on the side LOL I think theres a miniature building bug going round and we are all catching it !!!
    julie xxx


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