Saturday, 2 January 2010

My 2010 surprise adventure!!

Well, 2010 is here and it brought me a little adventure.....

The weather reports warned of very cold tempratures and ice on the roads, but no particular mention of snow! So, I drove into work yesterday lunchtime and smiled at the little snow flurries, looking pretty coming down, but melting as soon as they touched the ground. You can imagine my surprise when at teatime, busy in work, someone mentioned the little fact that we were snowed in!!! A quick peek through the windows and yes, it had snowed, but it was also freezing and the roads were too slippery to pass. Some people managed to walk or slide into work to relieve us and they were saying that the police were stopping cars as there had many near misses and prangs, so I had two options... stay in work all night or walk! I walked!!!

Now, by car, I live 7 minutues away from work, by foot in the snow.... it took me an hour, taking the short route across the field, down the hill and through the lanes. The lanes are beautiful, one car wide, surrounded by trees and woodland and full of owls, badgers and foxes. To one side there is farmland and a farm house up on the hill and to the other side through the trees, there is a housing estate. My path was lit by a full moon and Hywel stayed on the mobile,  as I gave him a running report of where I was and how I was doing whilst I walked through the lanes.  I had a great adventure, walking in the snow, if 2010 is going to carry on as it has started, I think it is going to be a fun year!!

Our back garden with our Maisey, having a sniff at the snow.


Julia xxx


  1. Oooh lucky you more snow.....not that you probably thought that with an hour long walk in the dark, but glad you got home safely Julia!! Have a fab 2010, lets hope it carries on being such fun, Kate xx

  2. Julia - your house and garden looks SO beautiful in the snow - but you poor thing having to walk all the way home in the snow - bet that took the shine out of it all:-) Our Ausie friends would love to swap their boiling (40+ degrees one day this week!)to death weather for our big freeze! Anyway - hope you and your family have a great New Year and thanks for your comments on my new blog - I am pleased with the photo too! My new camera is great but still takes a few to get one good photo!

  3. We watched it coming down last night too Julia and by this morning we had at least 4ins. I will post some photographs later. Good job we had a full moon last night.

  4. Julia I'm so glad you got home safe and sound !
    It sounds like quite an adventurous ( and chilly) start to the year. I love the way thick snow muffles all the sound and it is lovely to walk in snow under a moonlit sky but its a good job you had hywel on the mobile for safety's sake
    julie xxx

  5. Happy New Year!!!

    I luffs photo's of completely missed us, but it's cold and it's been mostly below freezing for the last 2 days.

    Be careful on that ice and snow!!! :o))
    Michelle xx

  6. Pretty photos! Snow, how I'd love to see your backyard in person :) It's hot and humid Downunder at my house, the garden is growing like a lush tropical jungle.

  7. ! that precious it sees its garden.
    Happy new year.
    A Carmen hug

  8. I'm glad you treated the walk as an adventure - the snow is pretty even if a disruption. The weather forecasters aren't quite getting it right, apparently we were supposed to have some this morning, but bright sunshine reigns!

  9. We have bright sunshine at the moment too, with more snow forecast for tuesday and wednesday. Let's hope they get this one wrong and it stays sunny!!


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