Thursday, 31 December 2009

Work on the little shop

Well, last night Meg was hogging the tele, watching The Polar Express, Hywel was busy cutting mini beams for my ceiling and Dean was burrowed deep in the realms of his bedroom... as teenagers do! So, after 10 minutues of wandering around, loudly proclaiming, 'I am home mind, not working tonight... Day off... atttention please'... to no avail, I sat down and did a little work on the shop's interior. I know, I should be doing the outside first, but the inside is just too tempting, I am all back to front on this one!

So... I stuck the counter together, it is just two off cuts of MDF and some pine for the top. Then I stuck a piece of pretty paper to the front to cover the MDF. Whilst that was drying, I measured out some banisters. I know they take up space in what is a small shop, but they will come in handy for hanging bits and pieces over. Once the carpet was stuck down, I glued the banisters in place and then spent 15 minutues standing in a very uncomfortable postion waiting for the glue to dry enough for me to let go. I know, I  can hear you, why didn't I use a mini clamp? Because, it was so precariously put together, the clamps we have are too strong and would just topple the banisters over.

Then in moved Bono. I have had him for years and he tends to move around a bit! I wish I had kept the makers name, I could buy another then and he wouldn't have to move around so much!

These are Hywel's ceiling beams, they are going to be perfect for the shop. They are pine, which he waxed with medium brown beeswax, so they should age perfectly over the years.

I have had a little play around on the computer, translating English to French for the shop name. Here are a few I have come up with. What do you think?

La Petite Boutique De Couture.... The Little Sewing Shop

Les Tapisseries Peu ... The Little Tapestrys

Or my favourite so far,

La Tapisserie Petite Boutique ... The Little Tapestry Shop

I just hope these transaltions are right and that google translator isn't having me on!!!

Any more ideas greatly welcomed.

Off to Tescos now, have a great day everyone.

Julia xxx


  1. Gosh, it's really coming together! I don't use clamps...I just use my hands, I know it's the hard way to do things! lol The ceiling IS so different! I think I am going to use real wax from now on, as I love the natural aging of wood (I have real life wood that has been treated this way). :o)

    I prefer the 'La Petite Boutique De Couture’ name, it will allow you to sell more than just tapestries. ;o)

    Enjoy your rest!
    Happy New Year!
    Michelle xxx

  2. It looks lovely Julia :0) I like 'La Petite Boutique De Couture’ too it has such a nice sound to it and would be perfect for your shop
    julie xxx


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