Thursday, 14 January 2010

The little shop

In amongst all the chaos of the snow, I have managed to do some work on my little shop ;0) Hywel has made a little arch to go over the top of the doorway and I have draped some greenery over it. He just has to make the planter for it now and I can glue it all in place! I also found some thin wood to make window panes ( I lost the originals), they are also just balanced there at the moment, but I think they work, so I will make some more for the sides, glue them in and glaze the window, I can start dressing the window display properly then.  The 'cobbles' worked out ok, I roughly painted them with a grey emulsion  mix and then immediately wiped them down with kitchen roll. Its gives an uneven coat, just perfect for cobbles. I have also grassed the sides and put little corners of heather coloured scatter materials, hopefully to look like weeds!!!

Inside is a showcase for my work. I can hold my hand to being the maker for the great majority of items in the shop, which was the original idea and now if I need inspiration for a new tapestry or cushion, I can just peep through the window and gather ideas :0)

Through the window at night, all lit up and cosy!

Now the shop has really taken shape, I am sure all will agree that it doesn't look very french!! So, I am going with the scottish look because it reminds of those old, little shops you stumble upon whilst on holiday, tucked away down side alleys and you delight at all the pretty things you find inside :0) My favourite kinda shop! So the shop now has a name.... Woolembees....  What do you think? Ok, I pinched it from the latest Harry Potter film, but it sounded perfect! :0)
Have a good day, last post of my houses tomorrow, you will have seen them all then, time for a new one!!!!
Julia xx


  1. It is so lovely Julia- wonderful work!

  2. Its lovely Julia, Hywel has done a lovley job.
    Debie xxx

  3. Beautiful. It is so comfortable looking in there. Teresa


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