Friday, 15 January 2010

Apples Bakery and Tea Rooms

This is another one of my shops. We made Apples Bakery and Tearooms in 2007. The main shop is a kit bought from Ebay and we also had the signs made by a lovely seller on Ebay. The kit was great to put together, everything slotted in easily and it was easy to decorate as the front opens really wide. We bricked the outside with the brick stencil and compound and then smoothed grey compound on the window details. The window ledges are lovely and wide and in the summer I put window boxes on them, they fit on perfectly.

This is inside the bakery, sorry the photo isn't so good, I took loads, but just couldn't get the light right! Even though it's a bakery, it has veg and fine chocolates too!

Upstairs is the tearooms, still plenty of scope for more in here! If you look at the back wall behind the aga, you will see the same wallpaper I used for the cobbles on my latest shop. I have used them here as wall tiles!

And on the top floor is the beginings of a staff room. I have put in a false wall with just one top stair bannister to give the impression of a stairway.

And this is it sitting in my understairs cupboard, slotted between Pumpkin House and The Olde Post Office!

Hope you liked my tour of Apples Bakers and Tearooms.
Glad to say it rained here overnight and the temprature is a warm!! 9C The snow has melted, so we can get around again :0)
Have a great, warm day, Julia xx


  1. This is a really unusual shop kit, I've not seen one like it before! :o) I love the main shop window and that sign you had made specially it’s just fabulous, it really adds that special touch! Did you use stencils for the roof tiles too? Or? I love this little shop, probably one of my favourites of yours!
    Michelle xxx

  2. Hi Michele,
    I think my last message is floating somewhere in Cyberspace, bliming weather affecting my internet connnection again!
    I bought this kit from Ebay seller dowsononline
    It was a really easy kit to put together with no problems with trying to get things to fit. The roof and pavement is already routed out for you, so all you do is paint it. I used a brown base coat and then ragrolled it with grey and 'dirty brown brown' emulsion when it had dried. Then I sealed it with a clear matt varnish. They also sell a matching terrace shop to join up and the pavement follows through. It would make a fab harry potter wand shop and bookstore, (idea just popped in my head lol.) The signs were made by smallerhomes. I emailed them my requirements and they made them up for me. I had the large gold sign, the smaller black menu board and the front door etched glass all for £13 with postage. Wonderful.
    Have a good day, hope the snow is clearing for you,
    Julia xx

  3. Thank you so very much for the contacts for your shop etc. I've had a look at both Ebay sellers and have seen some fab goodies! Shops less than £80.00!!! WOW! Another little shop with an upstairs for less than £33.00 and the P&P is cheap too! I've also seen some slate roof strips etc and wonderful personalised house and shops signs! :o)) Yummy!

    Snow is slowly melting! YAY!!!! :o))
    Michelle xxx

  4. Julia- this house is so sweet! I love the little table cloth in the tea room most of all ♥

  5. It is lovely Julia. I prefer the more interesting houses. The mass produced ones dont appeal to me. You have made something really different and unqiue.
    Debie xxx

  6. Hi Kim,
    Shh, but the tablecloth is really a 'real life' crochet doiley! :0)

    Hi Debie,
    Thankyou :0) The mass produced ones don't appeal to me much either. I had a great idea for another one of these whilst writing this post, so there may be another on it's way.
    Julia xx


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