Saturday, 16 January 2010

Bear House ~ now you've seen them all !!

This is the final shop I have to show you from my collection. I was amazed this week when taking the photos and writing the posts, how many I actually have dotted around and under the stairs! Thankyou to everyone who left a comment and if your comment isn't published, I am sorry, some of my comments dissapeared into cyberspace yesterday, but thankyou anyway. I hope I have inspired some for new projects, I know I have new ideas from looking at all my houses and shops and if anyone particuallry liked yesterdays Apples Bakers and Tearooms, I have decided to auction it on Ebay, to try and raise funds for a new project. It will be listed for 7 days, starting sunday evening .

So onto the final shop....

This is Bear House. It is a tiny little shop which sits in my bookcase in my garage cum craftroom. You've got to be careful with this one, because the front isn't fixed and it will fall if you even just look at it the wrong way! It is called Bear house because in here live all the little bears I have made over the years and couldn't part with and a couple of little bears that the children have bought me when we have been on holidays.

Well, thats me done, back to work tomorrow, didn't that week off fly!
See you sometime next week, have a great weekend, Julia xx


  1. Arh, this is the other little shop kit that I loved! It too has a lovely window and front! Your little bear collection is delightful. I collect mini bears and slightly bigger ones! I don't know how you bear to part with your houses and shops, but I guess it's a practical solution if you want to start another new project! I can sort of guess what your new one might be! ;o)
    Michelle xxx

  2. A sweet little shop.A lovely place to keep those sentimental bears.
    Thanks for sharing your shops with us they are all wonderful.

  3. I love the window to this shop, and of course those wonderful bears! cant wait to hear about your new project! Kate xx


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