Monday, 18 January 2010

Hiati Earthquake Appeal

I am sure that the earthquake in Hiati last week has touched many. The news reports show devestation on a huge scale. Many lives have been lost and for those surviving there is little left of their homes, hospitals and infarstructure. I read Julie of post, where she has listed a doll for auction on Ebay to raise a donation for the Hiati  Earthquake Appeal. After emailing Julie this morning, I too have listed an auction on Ebay with 100% of the proceeds going to the DEC Earthquake appeal. The auction winner will recieve the Tudor Blackwork set in the above photo. All handmade by myself, the set includes the stool, the cushion, the table rug and the little bear. The bidding starts at £12.49
Julia xxx


  1. A lovely idea Julia. I hope your auction raises lots of money..Good Luck xx

  2. Thankyou Debbie, It has taken me all day to organise, I am hopeless!! Still all sorted now :0) Julia xx

  3. Ditto from me too Julia. Want me to do a facebook shout out like the one I did for Julie?
    Debie xxx

  4. Yes please, that would be great Debie, Thankyou XX

  5. Julia, good luck with the auction, think its great what you and julie are doing

  6. Wonderful and generous idea Julia. ;o)) I hope it makes oodles for a great and needy cause.
    Michelle xxx


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