Thursday, 10 December 2009

Santa's Cabin

A few years ago, Hywel made me a little cabin to use for our christmas display. Inside are lots of my little creations and every year I add a little special something that I buy from a favourite maker. Looking through the window, you can my Santa that I had commision made last year. The lady who made Santa sells on Ebay and her seller name is Margmurphy. Santa is holding his christmas list, which has a little mouse sitting on the bottom. This maker also sells on Ebay, her seller name is streets_hill_miniatures and she makes wonderful items, each listed with their own little mouse or rat tale. She is definately worth a visit, her tales of Bernard the mouse and Matthew and Gary the rats are hilarious.

Hywel made the crooked old window and I added a piece of old lace which I found in a box of scraps of my nans. I always remember her sewing, so I guess thats where I get it from :0) On the window sill there is a little wooden candlestick and a wooden pot of candy canes... made by me!!

I wanted a floor to ceiling christmas tree and luckily I found the perfect tree in Marks a couple of years ago. I have decorated it with little hearts, bows and some little bear baubles. I bought the bear baubles from Ebay seller Karens-mini-bears. She makes lovely bears and has now started making little children. They are wonderful, but unfortunately out of my price range now, she lists at 99p, but they always sell for a great deal more, so I was lucky to get these when I did. The little panda beside the tree, our own little Meg made for me the year Hywel made the cabin.

On this side of the cabin, is a little soot covered boy sitting on his sledge, maybe Santa has been giving him pocket money to go down the dirtier chimneys for him!!!! I bought him in Miniatura some years ago and can't remember the makers name, but he is lovely. If you click on the photo, a bigger photo will pop up and you will be able him better. The rest of the little bits I have picked up from various sellers on Ebay or made myself.

This is part of the outside, where Meg has had fun arranging decorations and snowmen!

I haven't bought my 'special something' for the cabin yet, this year, but I do have my eye on something. Fingers crossed xxx


  1. I love your tree, you just don't see dolls house floor to ceiling trees to buy, so a great buy from M&S! I love the decorations too, and I know Karen's mini-bears are simply fab...her work DOES sell for loads, so you were soooo lucky to buy when you did! :o))

    Great Chrismassy scene, really lovely!!

    Michelle xx

  2. oh this is just beautiful and sooo christmassy ! I love margarets dolls and this anta is no excetion, he looks erfect in the cabin,

  3. Amazing tree! Love everything you have been upto. I have not had time recently to comment on everyones blog.
    Love the santa too. I have one of margarets dolls and she is such a sweet little witch.
    Nikki xxx

  4. Please can you tell me who is the artisan you are referring to (who made Father Christmas), I would be sooo grateful. :O))

    Michelle xx

  5. Hi Michele,
    The lady who made my santa sells on Ebay and her seller name is Margmurphy, sorry I don't name her actual name. I had bought from her previously, so I contacted her through Ebay and asked if I could commision a santa, I then gave her my email addrsss and we went from there. You can find her on ebay by going into the Advanced Search option and clicking on 'By Seller' on your left. Enter margmurphy into the search box and her page will come up. She has a current listing for 'Mr Edmonds by Treasured Possessions'
    Hope this helps, Michele, if not send me a personal email and I will go on her page and forward you the link.
    Julia :0)

  6. Thanks so much for that...I found her thanks to your fab instructions (I'm usually terrible trying to locate peeps, etc on Ebay, I seem to ignore the most obvious things that would help me!) lol

    Michelle xx


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