Sunday, 13 December 2009

Making Christmas Cards

I have been busy stitching christmas cards of late. They are 'Real life 'size and are stitched using my favourite blackwork. This is the first year I have made cards and if I say so myself, I think they turned out ok!!! They were nice to stitch, but as usual, I left things a little late and ended up rushing the night before I was due to go my mums with them. Well, because I was rushing, clumsy fingers decided to appear and  I lost a needle.... still haven't found that one... be careful when you sit down, kids! Then I dropped the reindeer button, we hunted high and low and couldn't find him, so I had to use a different one, only to find him in full view in the middle of the floor when I was tidying away? There are naughty pixies at work here, I am sure! Then... to top it all off, just as everything was packed and tidied, I turned around and knocked the chess board.... all over that now tidy floor... arghhh. That will teach me for rushing :-(

Today, I have managed to be a little organised and I have sorted out the children's xmas presents. I like to make sure they each have the same amount of presents, as we open the presents one at time by the tree. Well, Little Meg is one short, so I am going to try and stitch her a normal size sampler for her new girlie bedroom. Hmmn.... did I just say I was organised? How long have I got left to stitch it, 10 days? I better stop nattering and get sewing!

Julia xx

PS I was outbid on the special item I wanted for my santa cabin, it was Julie of Bellabelles dolls Mrs Claus and she was delightful. It has to be fingers crossed for next year now!


  1. The cards are wonderful! Such a clever ole thing! :o)

    I know the doll you meant, she was wonderful, no I didn't bid! lol I nearly always lose out when I put in a bid that's NOT on my time zone though...I just can't be there for the final few seconds and that matters! lol

    Michelle xx

  2. To be honest Michele, I wasn't there for the last few seconds. I had done my budget and really stretched everything to my max bid, which I entered an hour before the auction was up and then I turned off the computor and wished! I was outbid by £2 :-( Ah well...

  3. Ahh so frustrating, what a shame i didnt see her but bet she was wonderful, just adore Julie's dolls!
    I hate it when you put in a bid, go to bed in th elead and wake up having been outbid by pennies just because I cant stay up half the time, so annoying. Still I always think things are meant to be, so maybe next year julie will make one even more wonderful that will be yours!! Beautiful cards by the way, clever you
    Kate xx

  4. what beautiful cards julia :0) i love blackwork, bet these will be treasured for years to come.
    What a shame about mrs santa, next year I will definitely make another for ebay but I often have one for sale on my website around november, I will let you know right away :0)
    julie xxx

  5. Beautiful cards Julia. Sorry you missed out on Julie's doll ((( hugs ))), maybe next year. I have little pixies move things all the time as well.
    Debie xxx

  6. Julia- your cards are so beautiful!


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