Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Christmas at the Olde Abbey

There is still quite a bit of work to do on the Olde Abbey. I have more 'ageing' to do on the internal walls, weeds to plant outside and that huge window still needs its stained glass! But with christmas nearly upon us and two days off, I decided it was time to make a little christmas scene in the Olde Abbey. So in has gone the tree, surrounded by pressies and the pews and aisles are filled with everybody I could find from my various houses. Quite pleased with how it is looking, I took my photo when the light was good and downloaded it to my computor. Then... in walked the son.... who has an eye for everything and never misses a thing.... and guess what..... he has spotted a mistake! One of my candles on the candle table has fallen sideways and is now leaning against my angle, my protests of 'Well it's not lit!' has fallen on deaf ears and now I have to take everything back out to get too that pesky candle. I will be glueing it down this time, not just tacky waxing it!!!!

Julia xxx


  1. it's so beautiful Julia- leaning candle and all :)

  2. The Abbey is looking very Christmasy! You are too funny about that candle! I'm always finding things amiss when I check out my photos enlarged! I probably wouldn't have noticed your candle if you hadn't mentioned it! :)

  3. The Olde Abbey looks sooo very Christmassy!!! So welcoming too! :o) I wish my own 'normal themed' dolls houses were finished enough to set such a scene.

    I notice all the flaws in my own photo's and cringe! lol

    Michelle xx


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