Monday, 7 December 2009

Bearcabinminiatures pattern published today in the AIM Advent Calendar

I was thrilled to be able to particitate in the fab Advent Calendar which the Artists In Miniature Group are running throughtout December. I haven't mentioned it on the blog before as I wanted to wait to see if my submitted article looked ok... a bad case of nerves here I think!!

Today door number 7 has been opened and there we are!!
My contribution is the pattern and graph  for stitching my scandanavian style christmas cushion and stool.

Pop over and take a look, there are loads of fab projects behind the doors and a new door gets opened every day.

The link is

I hope the above link works, if not click on the AIM logo on your right and there is a link to the calendar, from the main AIM page.

Back to putting up my decorations now... with a smile :0)
Julia xxx


  1. Wow- I somehow missed they were doing this- how fun! What a wonderful pattern Julia- I'm going to pop over there right now- thank you!!!!

  2. You lost the "." after www so the link won't work. I typed it in manually. I love advent calendars!!

  3. Thankyou, that's what I get for rushing!!! I have corrected the link now and it is working... at the moment!!!


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