Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Catching up!

Well, our little Meg has gone back to school today after her brush with swine flu. We aren't 100% sure if it was actually swine flu, it did start very suddenly, one minutue she was the normal hectic, noisy Meg and the next she was very poorly, it was as if someone had pressed a sickness button! She had the high temprature, dizzy spells, headache and vomitting, but the cough and watery eyes only lasted a couple of days, thank goodness. She also had a rash, but only on her tummy! She was desperate to go back to school yesterday, she was missing her friends because she hadn't seem them for a week, poor dab, but I kept her home a little extra days, just to be sure she was over it and wouldn't pass it on. Today, the horrable smell of dettol is fading, I think I have just about scrubbed everything with dettol lol.

With Megan in school, I have spent an hour this morning taking some photos of a new collection I had finished just before she was ill. This collection includes the sofa and chair and I will be listing it tonight on Etsy at around 9.30pm. It is a lovely high backed victorian sofa, with a rich mahagonay wood surround and a gorgoeous tangerine peach upholstery. I had great fun stitching the matching cushions, because I used some of my favourite 'blackwork' designs. I then got carried away and stitched some matching 'blackwork' samplers. The one in the middle in the fancy frame is for my Pumpkin House. I bought the frame in Miniatura some years ago and hadn't found the right insert, untill now! I also had to plonk a sleepy little bear on the chair, it just looked the perfect spot for him.

Off to post some parcels now, the Bearcabin shop has sold :0)
Have a great day, everybody
Julia :0) xx


  1. Hi Julia, glad to hear that Meg was well enough to go back to school. x

  2. Beautiful new goodies! Love to poor Meg, tell her we know the feeling so hope she feels better soon, but make sure she dosnt overdo it as our 2 youngest came down with it again as they hadnt recovered properly!! Kate xx

  3. Thankyou Debbie and Kate for your love to meg, she says she is feeling fine now and she is certantly full of beans again!! But I will keep an eye on her and I must admit, we did have a little discussion about her going back to school today, I feel she still gets a little tired quickly, even though she says I am fussing!! I really hope it doesn't come back, fingers crossed it won't, because she took the Tamiflu within 12 hours of becoming unwell, so hopefully it has worked. The rest of us seem to be lucky and didn't catch it, looks like all my dettol scrubbing did the trick!

  4. I am glad that his small Meg is better, and go to school.
    Very nice set, I love.
    Carmen hugs


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