Wednesday, 2 December 2009

A little preview of our christmas minis!

I can't believe how fast christmas is approaching this year. If only I had a pause button to press, so that I could get on with my projects and stitching whilst time stood still!!! I have so many christmas design ideas, but alas with time against me, I think my ideas will have to be jotted down on paper and stitched up ready for next year.  I also think next years,  New Years Resolution should be.... to be more organised and not leave everything to the last minute!

Anyway, for now, I have a 10 minutes free, so I have quickly looked through my photos and found some of last years pics of our christmas cabin to share with you. Hope you like them.

The photo above shows part of the front of the cabin and in the photo below you can see Santa relaxing with his feet up and a cup of tea! If only I had the time to do that.....

Back soon, with a longer post, hopefully. Now where did I put that pause button?????????


  1. Please find the pause button! lol ;)

    Your Christmas minis look sweet. :)

  2. ah, I feel the same way Julia- worst thing is I usually do prepare early in the summer, but this year summer was too busy and now I am racing to finish. Hope you find some extra time- if you do would you send some my way too?

    Love Santa with his feet up- so sweet!!
    Have a terrific day!

  3. If I find that elusive pause button, I will certantly pass it on!!

  4. All of them are so lovely!!!


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