Saturday, 21 November 2009

Inside the Olde Abbey

Little Meg is feeling a bit better today and she has plonked herself on the settee, which she has renamed Meg's swine flu settee!! So as I don't need to run up down the stairs every 2 minutues, I have settled myself at the table where I can do a little work on the Olde Abbey and keep an eye on her at the same time. Not that I really need to, the noisy, talk non-stop Meg is back on duty lol.  Anyway, I have put the church pews, pulpit, etc in and I have been busy looking for lights and bible's on Ebay. I did find a birth and deaths register, but I think it may be a bit too big for my shelves, so I will keep looking.  As for the lights, I am thinking of putting in a Tudor style wrought iron circular light fitting and some wall candles.

We have also had a go at making real candles for the church. Mine is on the right, Hywel reckons his (on the left) is better!! Men!!!

A must have accessorie for the chapel, a good mousing cat, lol.

Back soon, Julia xx


  1. Julia its all coming together. Glad to hear that Meg is on the mend..xx

  2. wow, it's a great work, congratulations, is very original... regards from Spain

  3. Your chapal is looking fab and I love the little cat! I'm so glad to hear that your daughter is feeling better. :o) I've just had the swine flu jab, it made me feel ill, tis why I've not been around for the last 2 days...goodness knows I'd be like with it!

    Michelle xx

  4. Hi Michele,
    Hope you are feeling ok now. We're not sure if Meg did have swine flu, she was very ill, but only for a couple of days and then seemed to get over it quickly. She is now very bouncy and talkative again!! We are all fine, so fingers crossed it has passed us by.
    Julia xx

  5. I love this project- I can't wait to see it completed. The pews look great in the abbey-love the mousing cat :)


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