Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Pumpkin House gets a garden!

My mini free day only lasted until 8pm last night, then the children and I decided to have a go at making a garden for Pumpkin House. We scoured the garage for offcuts of wood and bits of greenery and this is what we came up with! We glued coloured lichen to the wood to make the hedges and added a little face pebble that the eldest had painted years ago.

The kids were late to bed, because we got so engrossed, but it's school holidays, so it doesn't really matter... and they slept in late this morning... yippee, peace and quiet!!


  1. Its tricky to go all of one day withough doing something mini isnt it!! What a great garden you concocted, all so quickly too. Looking really great
    kate xx

  2. Hi Kate,
    It is hard to go for a day without making something and I was surprised how quickly it all came together with us all working on it. Mind you, I must confess, that bar chocolate I just noticed in the picture, helped to speed us along lol.
    Hope you are all feeling better now
    Julia xxx

  3. I get twitchy if I don't do something 'mini', but alas at the mo I'm getting little done! lol
    I love the exposed brick in the render! Garden's are great to do aren't they! I have that Monkey Tree, but I've done something a little different with it outside my witches woodland hovel! lol
    Michelle :o)

  4. The garden looks good. Sometimes i like to do little projects that dont take months to finish. I love the little garden tool shed.



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