Tuesday, 27 October 2009

A Mini Free Day!!!

I am a having a mini free day today!

Its is a beautifully sunny, warm day (I think someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that is November in 5 days time!!) My washing is happily blowing on the line (Dean was moaning that he has no clean jeans and he can't stay in his pyjamas all day lol ) The plumber is on his way because when you have a shower upstairs, someone else can have one in the kitchen downstairs!! The locksmith has been called, the front door lets you in, but not out, handy if you have nowhere to go, but no good when the postman calls with a parcel, and you have to shout to him, that you have go around the back, whilst Maisey the dog is going bananas and giving him a heart attack!

A normal day then? No, because you can actually see the dining room table for a change, there
are no mounds of cottons and half done cross stitch patterns covering it. The christmas collection is ready (but you will have to wait a couple of weeks yet, before you can see them) The Wild Heather Collection is nearly complete, just one more tapestry to finish and the Halloween Corner is ready for Saturday, though I'm sure I just saw Dean sneaking off with his hand behind his back and a sneaky grin on his face, I had better check the skeleton and pumpkin chocolates or there will be none left by saturday.

Off to do a bit of pottering and polishing now,
Have a great day everyone from a lazy Julia :0)xx

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  1. Glad to hear that you had a nice day Julia. Its good to have days like that.
    Debie xxxxx


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