Sunday, 20 September 2009

The Old Abbey ~ Part 2

Hywel has been busy in the garage laying the floor - the miniature floor in the Old Abbey that is!! I couldn't decide whether to use floor boards or have a flagstone floor, so poor Hywel patiently laid out the floor boards, fashioned the walls around the base so that I could an idea of what it would look like when all put together and ... I wasn't happy with it!! Good job he hadn't stuck them down was his only comment!

So, next he mixed up a tray of grey mortar compound, spread it over the base and left it to harden overnight. Yesterday, I marked out the flagstones, sanded it all down to give a worn, patchy look and sealed it with clear varnish. It looked great, but.... it didn't look right against the stone exterior walls. Too much grey.... so it was removed with a lot of mumblings and huffing and puffing from Hywel....oops!! (The garage is attached to the house and the door between the kitchen and garage is always open, so I cant escape the mutterings, if I do try, they get louder, funny that!!)

Then last night, the mutterings from the garage turned into a 'I am doing the floor and you don't get a say in it this time' Huh, I haven't been well, I am allowed to change my mind.
Anyway, I hate to admit it, but his new floor looks fab, he cut the floorboards in half length ways to make them thinner and then arranged them in a pattern. The photo doesn't do the floor justice, it does look good, (don't tell him I said so though) Once varnished it the pattern will be more visible and it looks much better against the stone exterior walls.

Next weekend, the Old Abbey blog post will be all about the stone exterior walls.
Below is a taster........

For anyone interested in Miniature churches, there is a fabalous website and they now have a blog St. Hilary's Miniature church
The church was made by Vic Newey and it has loads of wonderful residents and tales to tell.


  1. Julia - the Old Abbey floor looks great - look forward to reading about the next stage!
    Thanks again for the link to St.Hils too!

  2. Gosh you have a very patient man there, Lol.
    My own wouldn't even talk about a floor let alone do three, and runs through my room without ever looking.
    I think you are right though and the third floor is the best. It's going to look great and really suits the building.
    I hope you are feeling better and the medicine is doing the trick!
    I feel much better too.
    Nikki xxx

  3. Vic Newey was the one that built my Diagon Alley.


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