Tuesday, 22 September 2009

My witches corner and halloween

As promised, here are some pics of my witches corner that Hywel made for me last week. He made it from scraps of wood lying around the garage and an old redundant window! The witches corner only has two sides, so it will be great to use as a background for photographing my halloween miniatures and also for the two little monsters indoors to decorate for their halloween festivities. He based it on the witches hut/cabin that he made a few months ago and which will be going on sale shortly. The walls are roughly covered in pollyfilla and then aged with the good old teabags, as usual and the floor has been covered with cherry wood floorboards.

As you can from this photo, I have started to add some little books and a bench. What do you think of my book shelf on the wall? It is a commercially bought plate rack, which I stained and it fits my witchy books perfectly. There is also a little rat showing off his behind, as he pops through hole under the bench!!

My little pumpkin teapot, an impulse buy on Ebay that I couldn't resist :0)

Talking of Ebay, I have opened a new Ebay business account purely for my handmade miniatures. It is also called Bearcabinminiatures and my first few listings will be listed at 99p. Has anyone had any experience of using an Ebay business account? I was reading their policies and noticed that if you make things to sell on Ebay, it should only be through a business account, so I took a deep breath and opened one. I had 2 Ebay breaches a couple of months ago, the first was for putting in the heading 'As new' and the second for saying that 'if the item sold elsewhere before a bid was placed, that I reserved the right to withdraw the listing'. So rather than risk a further breach, I thought I had better open the new account. On the plus side, I am easier to find now, my blog, Etsy and Ebay all have the same name, but on the negative side, I am back to 0% feedback :-(

Above is a little taste of my upcoming halloween miniatures. I only sell spooky miniatures at halloween and I have great fun making them!

Bye for now, Julia x


  1. I love it its superb !!!
    Debie xxx

  2. I agree with Debie. I love everything and all the tiniest of touches too!
    Can't wait to see more and feel i should now be working on my wizard corner too.

  3. A count down 'til Halloween! How cool is that!


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