Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Feeling off colour, normal blogging will resume next week!!

I have been unwell for the last few days with a virus, so it's been just me, our dog Maisey and a well comfy settee!! No miniatures have been stitched, so with nothing to show you all, Maisey stepped in and posed for the camera. (I cant do a post without a photo!!) I have had a few ideas though for future projects and I am thinking of running a little Halloween competition just for fun, the 'prize' being one of my halloween cushions. I would run it up until a fortnight before halloween, so that I could post the prize to the winner in time for halloween. Anyone interested in participating? It would be my way of saying thanks to all you out there who have made me feel so welcome in blogland :0)

Hubby has been busy in the garage, he has made a me a wonderful, little witches corner out of scraps and offcuts of wood. It will be great to photo my minis in and to use as a little scene for our children to decorate for halloween. When I get the chance I will take a photo and pop it on the blog. Well, that's all for now, I will be back with more news and photos next week.
Julia x


  1. Hope youre feeling better soon Julia, take care .That little dog looks very cute......perfect to share a comfy settee with :0)
    julie xxx

  2. Hoping you feel better soon!.I feel rough too and also not doing anything today other than snoozing and watching tv.
    Your dog is really cute and looks like my Tara when i was little. Although she was a dachshund she had the same kind of face.
    Llooking forward to your witchy corner.
    Get well soon!
    Nikki xxx

  3. Thanks Julie and Nikki for the get well wishes. Just found out this morning that I am very anaemic, I think I have been neglecting myself a little these last few months!! But, I have started taking the nasty tasting medicine this morning and have warned Hywel I will bouncing around like Tigger in no time!!
    I hope you are feeling better, Nikki and Julie your beast on your blog is fab :0)

  4. Julia - get well soon. Sorry to read that. Love your dog too! Like you I have to have at least one photo on my blog cos yes, it doesn't feel right without.


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