Monday, 7 September 2009

The old Abbey ~ Part 1

Before I start rambling on about my new project, I thought I would show you photos of an earlier church we made. It was a lovely church, but due to lack of room, we sold it earlier this year. It went to a lovely new home in America, where thankfully it is well loved. The exterior was old stone which I had aged and mossed and the front porch had real lead! All the stained glass windows were hand painted by yours truly and boy, did they take months! There was even a little hedgehog, sitting by on the grass on one side :0)

Inside, Hywel had laid real floorboards and I made loads of little trimmings, etc. Of course, I didn't sell my little vicar, who was made for me by Julie of Bellabelle dolls. He will take up residence in the old abbey once it is completed, although the abbey will be smaller than he is used too!! (due to the lack of space) The abbey will be just big enough for a couple of pews down each side side and of course the pulpit. Big enough for a lovely christmas display, but small enough to fit on my sideboard!

As you can see in the photos, the work on the old abbey has begun with the windows being stained and the inside walls have had a rough coat of pollyfilla. We use ready made 'shops own' pollyfilla, which is cheap enouigh and we roughly apply it with an old knife. Once dry, we then 'wash' it with cold coffee to give the old aged plaster effect. At the moment, I am trying to decide what to put on the floor. Originally, it was going to be floorboards again, like the old church, but I quite fancy old grey flagstones, I will have to have a play around with the both and then decide. The roof will be cedar shingles again, as they look the part and can easily be mossed and for the inside Hywel is busy cutting and aging wooden beams.....


  1. Well I was admiring your photos andd felt sure I recognised that little vicar ! Fancy seeing him here LOL
    I love the church and look forward to seeing your new one progress. It is looking good so far. I have a chapel roombox bought as a kit that I wanted to build in time for a xmas show but time seems to be running out.
    if I manage to work on it I will post some pics on my blog.
    julie xx

  2. It was pure coincidence that I was posting the photo with the vicar in, on my blog last night and when I had a good look at your pics of new dolls, I laughed when I saw he has a younger relative, also a vicar!! :0)

    I hope you have time to work on your chapel roombox, but I know this is a busy time of year. Look forward to seeing more pics, I am after a little wintery looking doll to stand just inside the abbey door...LOL
    Julia xx

  3. Hiya Julia
    LOVE your little church! The floor boards look really good too. I will certainly put a link in my blog to your blog as we so go together!
    Am particularly interested in your stained glass - that was the biggest dilemma for us with St. Hilary's but resolved by the use of a camera, computer, sticky back acetate which we used to print a photo of a real stained glass window in the church we attend. Not worked out perfectly - Vic Newey did the actual work for work for us when we asked him to extend it using a template worked out by another friend who made our eagle lectern, altar rail, tea trolley....organ, paschal candle and processional cross.
    Will look forward to seeing how your old abbey comes along..........

  4. Hi Sarah,
    So glad you found us and popped over!! My stained glass is hand painted 1mm acetate. I will be doing more for the old abbey so I will post a blog on how to make the stained glass :0)
    Julia x


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