Friday, 14 August 2009

Time out

I am going to have a week off from miniatures and work on a larger piece of blackwork for myself. I have been busy of late, making new bears for forthcoming projects and designing new stool cover patterns, but I really need time to spend on the paperwork side of Bearcabinminiatures as I have ordered loads of new stock lately and need to write down how much I paid for each or I will forget and then the time time will come to price my completed sets and I will be stuck!! Typical me, really.. LOL
Oh.. and before I forget and waffle off on something else, a BIG thanks to everyone who left me comments or emails with details of suppliers. It was a great help and I have already used a couple. Also, A huge HI to my new followers and welcome, its great to hear from you.
Anyway, as I said, I am going to work on a larger piece of blackwork for myself. The idea behind it, is to make a piece about 10 x 12" with all the different blackwork patterns I use in miniature and hopefully some new ones. That way, I will have a stitched record of the patterns I have used for miniatures and if I can't decide a pattern to chose to work on one day, all I will have to do is take a look at my blackwork sampler for inspiration.
As I have already mentioned, I won't be placing a post for a week (unless something major or really exciting happens!) but I will still be around to answer emails, read comments and peek at my favourite blogs.
Julia xx


  1. Hi! I just found your blog. You have very beautiful embroideries (cushions etc.)

  2. Hi Olivia, Thankyou for your kind comments. My embroideries take time to do and cause alot of eye strain, but I get great satisfaction when I finish one and of course when I get good feedback its really encouraging:0)


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