Monday, 10 August 2009

Hubby's project ~ part 6

Well, hubbys project didn't get finished this morning as we had hoped. We got distracted by food shopping and the eldest daughter wanting us to go and see a new flat with her. So I am sitting here now, in the middle of the afternoon, writing a quick post, with a cup of tea, a very sugary jam doughnut and the dog sitting on my feet, bliss!

The first picture is where hubby has been experimenting with his dragon. It was by chance that I had left a broken dragon pen in the garage and hubby had come across it and used it to make a mould. What resulted was me being in work, unindated with picture messages from hubby showing a new dragon at this angle and that angle, then he started hunting around the house for more things to moulds from and so the pictures kept coming..... You can see one of the dragons at the back of the fire, just don't look at the cat, he's fallen over and looks a bit strangly scrawny!

The next pictures show the finished exterior of the chimney. Now that it has been painted with a mix of artist paints, it is looking the part. The finished effect looks slimy and gungy, so its perfect for the hut. And if you closely on the top of one of the trees, someone has stuck a witch there!


  1. Cool house and it's great you are sharing projects with hubby. My hubby helps me from time to time by making props for my bears and it's so much fun when working on something together.

  2. I noticed her up in that tree :0)
    The projects is shaping up really well, it looks great !
    julie xxxx


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