Monday, 3 August 2009


No set topic from me today, just ramblings of the miniature kind :-)

It is the second day of my week off work and what have I done? Been to the dentist, who in his wisdom did a filling and made my face go all lopsided, much to the amusement of the 2 monster children! No sweets for them today, ha! Anyway, enough of dentists and back to miniatures. My 24th scale bits and bobs sold wonderfully and I spent nearly all day yesterday carefully packing and addressing parcels. They were all sent on their merry way this morning, it's a good job I was in school with the post office lady, she forgave me for turning up with loads of parcels first thing on a busy monday morning and holding up her queue :-(

I think my favourite 24th piece was the bed and I stitched a little blackwork cushion to photograph on it before it was sent. The cushion is tiny and difficult to fill so that it looks nicely plumped and not just stuffed, so I don't think I will be doing many of these in the future, unless asked.

I have had time to have a good nose around my favourite blogs and Nikki's advice on paperclay was timed perfectly because we have been thinking of trying paperclay out. She can be found at Witch and Wizard Miniatures.

I also visited Bellabelle's blog and absolutely loved Julie's christmas dolls. I think christmas mini making is a favourite of mine, though I always leave it late and then have huge inspiring moments for wonderful xmas designs on December 26th.. ! A couple of years ago, Hubby made me a wonderful Xmas cabin, which I add a little bit to every year. I decorated a huge christmas tree for it, (well, huge in mini land anyway) and it has a delightful santa and a rather sooty looking little boy. Nearer Christmas, when it gets brought out and dusted off, I will take some photos.

Got sidetracked again!! Back to Julie's dolls. I was lucky enough to purchase one of Julie's dolls a couple of years ago through Ebay and she stands outside my shop. I thought I would show her off and should Julie happen by my blog, she may like to see her looking at home in her street, outside the cake shop.

Well off to cook tea now, hope the newly filled tooth can take it! More ramblings to follow in the week!


  1. Beautiful Bed. Julie's Doll looks right at home. x

  2. Oh I remember her, it seems such a long time since I made her, she is one of my early dolls :0) How lovely to see her looking so happy outside your beautiful shop and thank you for being so sweet about my dolls.
    Your blog is lovely :0)
    julie xxx


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