Tuesday, 4 August 2009

A challenge from Debbie...

Ok, I have recieved a challenge from Debbie and here is what you do...
1. Open the fourth file where you store your photos
2.Pick out the fourth photo and publish it to your blog
3.Explain a bit about it...
4.Pass the challenge on to 4 other blogs.

So this photo was taken last year in Legoland, Winsdor. I look like I am digging around in my bag for more crisps, these children never fill up... and don't ask me what monster Meg is doing, her arms are all over the place and I think hubby over crimped her hair! Middle monster's hair looks a bit weird too. Anyway, we had a wonderful day and even though it looks a bit foggy in the background, it turned out really sunny. We then spent a couple of days in London, visiting the Natural History Museum and Big Ben.
Okay, now to send it on, the 4 other blogs are...
Odd Fae and Autumn Things
Bellabelle's blog
Witch and Wizard Miniatures
I hope they will have fun posting their photo and having a little trip down memory lane.
And, thanks to Debbie for passing the challenge onto me x


  1. Thanks for taking up the challenge. Great Photo, I haven't been to Lego Land for years..x

  2. Thanks for the challenge Julia, will go see whats in my fourth album !
    julie :0)

  3. Legoland was fab, sadly too much walking for hubby's legs now, but happy memories. Thanks for taking the challenge Julie, it's a bit of fun :-) By the way, I clicked publish comments and only one of yours published, the other dissappeared. The same thing happened a few days ago. I will have to try and find out what I am doing wrong. I'm glad you liked seeing a pic of one your sold dolls though. Julia x


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