Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Hubbys project ~ Part 5

There isn't much happening with hubby's project at the moment because he is busy working on a wizard's shop. (pictures to follow) The base needs more work, I feel it is missing alot and so I need to work on him to let me interfere more and the ivy on the roof has just been plonked there, he doesn't know it yet, but it's not staying!! The floating candle lights have now gone in. They were a nightmare, the invisible sewing floss was hard to get through the tiny holes in the roof and I wanted to scream after 5 minutes of unsuccessful trying. Why does he always ask me to do the tricky bits? Anyway, it's in now and if it's not hanging straight, tuff, he can do it himself. (which he wont!!)

I have been making some bits and bobs for him to put inside the hut. I am pleased with the table and the books were surprisingly quick and easy to do. These are items that I don't normally make, so when they work out it's great. I have also had some messy fun with colouring scenic water, but I think I got more on my hands than in the bottles. I also had a rummage around in my bead box and came up with pretty beads to make into non-opening pots. There is still alot to make though, so that the shelves can be filled, but I am running out of ideas, so I will have to spend time pondering! I have a fabulous witch that hubby made me about a year ago when I started my own witchy house. She has long finger nails painted bright red. I will take some pics and show you all in hubby's next installment. Thats the best thing about blogging, I can show off our miniatures to people who want to see them. There isn't a doll's house club by us so getting comments and commenting on other peoples blog is great.


  1. I love all the bottles!! Very nice- and I really love the bubbles in the green water in the fountain :)

  2. I really like your Hubby's Project.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your Mini's. x

  3. Its all looking great and isn't potion making fun.
    I have a tip for scenic water. You make up the colour you want and let it set in a little pot.
    Once set break it up and put into a syringe, then plunge all these little bits down with the plunger but dont have the needle on. Then put the needle on and the safety cap and sit the syringe in a hot cup of water or a jug if its a big needle. Let it melt and waste a little bit of whats inside when you squeeze the plunger for the first time. Waste a little bit when you do this to get rid of any bubbles.
    You can pick up really big syringes in fishing tackle shops and they are much bigger than ones from a chemist or from deluxe materials.
    Another tip is you can use water colours to tint it and also food tints that come in powder form.
    The stuff is horrid when it goes everywhere and ive found this to be the quickest and best way.
    Nikki x

  4. Thanks for the tips Nikki, I didn't think of letting it set and then rewarming the syringe and I haven't been using a needle either, ( I use enough of them in work!!)I was just trying to get it in from the syringe, no wonder I was making a mess:-) So far I have only used the liquid food colouring. I hope this is ok, knowing my luck it will go off in a few weeks and look yucky. x

  5. Thanks Kim and Debbie for your comments. It's great to have like minded people out there to share ideas with:-)

  6. The liquid food coloring will be ok and it wont go bad. You're fine there... lol.
    But the powder form of food colouring is much stronger and you can get much deeper colours, plus it comes in white so you can make really creamy mixes. You only need a tiny bit because the pigment is so strong.
    Its on ebay or cake decorating shops and about £1.80 a vial.
    I have a theory about scenic water and reckon it's just jelly. Could be wrong... lol. Tasted it once and it was ever so sweet.
    Love everything you are doing too!
    Nikki x

    Do you want me to find out the exact name?

  7. Hi Nikki,
    Thanks for the info, I will look up the food colouring pigment and make more mess!! I have a whole week off work after today, so I intend to finish the little bits to go in the hut and hopefully Hywel will finish the hut itself. Looking forward to having more time for blogging aswell and to be able to read and comment and not just read and run :-(

  8. I have a challenge over at my blog for you..x


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